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I just hate the story.

Scrap it.

I didn’t need an explanation to the locust. For all I cared they were just monsters from the core of Sera waiting to emerge & that was enough for me.

But we get this story, which I went with it & gave it a fair shot, but you’re just spinning your wheels the whole story.

After all you risk everyone’s life for the game than destroy it completely? Cmon. That’s just. Ugh.

Oscar dies, as you mentioned like a trash bag after surviving 4 & people actually enjoyed Oscar. Then to kill him? Say whaaaaaaa… strike 1.

Then there’s no doom feel, as I’ve seen pictures it looks ridiculous & im jealous Gears didn’t take that vibe & run. Strike 2.

I didn’t like how soft Del was either. Seemed super tender but I get it. Maybe not a strike but it’s whatever. Wasn’t a plus or minus. Just set the vibe to weird. Imagine Marcus & Dom all caring? That’s pretty weird but ok happened.

I’d say there last strike was having that worm as the boss again. I don’t want recycles…

Seems like they recycle in PvP & PvE too. Like skins from a year & such. PvE I noticed the escape maps sometimes look the same they’re just upside down layout & I’m like oooooookayyyyy…

The gnasher sometimes feels inconsistent when I’m playing against a stacked ping of 60-70+ … maybe the X will settle this tbd.

But on the plus note whatever new stuff they have I really enjoy, I love pvp & the addition of escape. Escape is a brilliant edition.

Lahni, Mack, Keegan, Fahz are all character I can adopt & enjoy.

When they wanna try it’s awesome but when they don’t you can tell. Like beardless Marcus for 400 iron. Make that 100 scrap wth lol. Never should’ve been for iron. Stuff like that you can just tell they didn’t even try lol.

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