Gears5 rewards and shotgun

I recently re up to another tier or level and I got a skin for the enforcer lol, on this game the only character that I barely got was baird from g4 with iron nothing else, how much time and re up should I do to get more characters?

The shotgun: Does anybody here understand the shooting of this game I mean im tired of seeing a guy with a shotgun not even properly facing or aiming his shotgun at me and I get killed, this game is so noob friendly that now you can miss the shots and get the kill anyway, taking this logic to my head, what im trying to do is just like shot like a maniac and do less hard aim shots or pop shots I just turn my screen around and shoot shoot and shoot while bouncing and moving and pray one those shots get the kill. Playing like that actually works because I got a Koth game of 130kills but I dont like it overall the movements, skills and shooting of this game is so bad man.

TC when you get to make a good game again Ill stop playing call of duty