Gears5 overview stats

How can my overview stats be 0 ? And KD ratio 0 with over 138000 kills no wins? When iam D2 PLAYER its says 0 wins and 0 KD in my stats !!! Some one have same issus or might have a ANSWER on this PLEASE


Ranks don’t exist anymore

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Wonder if this will fix broken achievements??


Seriosly overview was there 2 weeks ago ???with my KD 2.69 and with my over 3000 kills and 7000 kills in VERSUS so you mean that s RANKED?? Are u from this planet ???things dont disapper just like that !!!when i check ed my stats 2 weeks AGO every thing ive done was there …RANKED was over in OP6 not 2 weeks ago SERIOUSLY



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So 10000 kills? Oh you just like splitting things up?

You WENT from 138,000 KILLS to NOW saying YOU have 10,000 KILLS.

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See the source image

We don’t know if it’s 138k, 10k, 7k, 3k… we want answers


Op stop eating paint chips

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Over al 138000 yes horde escape quickplays and competive said wrong 7000 wins comp and rest of wins quickplay dont know how much when KD ratio and wins dont shows …only things that shows are over all kills