Gears5 LAG server

Whats up this evening with LAG on the server some know ???or have same problem?


Nope, every single one of us have no issues. Just you.


You new to gears 5?

No ive played from day 1 2006 you ??

Since this weekend it’s been laggy and choppy. Showing false pings being from 5-10. I guess since it’s the last 2 weeks of the game, whatever bandaids and elmers glue that were being used to hold it together Is now coming apart. You not the only one experiencing this bro

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Thanks bruh :+1::sunglasses:

Its Gears 5 its always laggy lol

Although the last while, the game has been dreadful to a point where it becomes unresponsive lol

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Hmm PVE ? Didn’t have any problems so far except a sub par ping but that is on me joining games with less than 5 bars.
PVP ? Meh don’t care.

All day had to quit the application cause the creating lobby, then keeps cancelling

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I can confirm everytime I play horde I get a really bad lag (bear in mind my ping is between 5-10) and get dashboarded.

Anyone else having this problem to?

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Hey timetraveler, mind sharing tomorrows lottery numbers with me?


He asked me RIGHT…if iam new here itold him no are you???if you can read it all lol ive played gears from 2006 launch day…but maybe you can shere the lottory with him then timetravler yes when played this GAME for 15 years…LOL