Gears5 is so great I've reinstalled titanfall

Got both titles and enjoy them both. Just wish I had more time to spread across many games and go back to Div 2.

I’ll have to check out the xbox crowd then. I played those games to death. Loved speed running the crap out of it lol. Best co-op experience I ever had.

Titanfall 1 last titan standing?

Oh boy, now you are talking!

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World War Z is pretty much like Left 4 Dead, but in 3rd person.

It’s pretty fun and it’s included with Game Pass.

I started playing other games as well. I use to LOVE Guardian but my friends don’t play anymore.

I’ve always LOVED Horde but I’m just not enjoying it in 5. Aside from the Hero system, the lack of ammo, maps, and enemy variety makes it boring for me. I played previous Horde for years before I stopped. I still go back to 2 and 3.

So I started playing games I haven’t played in a while, like Transformers , Uncharted, Battlefield, Battlefront, Titanfall, and World War Z, to name a few.

There are to many good games to play instead of playing one you’re not fully enjoying.

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Love Titanfall 1 and 2. Both the PVE and PVP.

No lie, TitanFall 2 is probably the most fun I’ve ever had with a shooter. That game is truly God-tier and if anyone here wants to sink their teeth into something fantastic, I’d highly recommend you pick it up. it goes on sale on Origin for as low as 5.00 all the time, and I’m telling you, you’ll love it. I’ve got around 1k hours into it, and even the campaign is great.


I think I’m going to give this a try. Do I need to have all the DLC’s to play the PVE modes?

I think you need one of the dlcs to play frontier defense, as it wasn’t included at launch. there’s literally only one dlc when you install the game. it’s 46 GB, plus the games 24 GB. There are optional dlcs that unlock weapon skins and titan skins that you don’t need at all.
Should note, I don’t think the big dlc you need is one that costs money. It was just a game add on for free. IIRC from years ago

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Nice! A DLC add on for free? Wow, what sorcery is this? I was all set to pay 40 bucks for a worthless season pass and 25 bucks for a full weapons set. O, wait… That’s Gears… :wink:

Really? I loved Titanfall and played it a lot but Titanfall 2 just felt like every other shooter out there. Probably why it tanked despite the first game being quite succesful.

Titanfall 2 is the best first person shooter to come out from last decade.

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What?.. What other game feels like Titanfall 2?..

I didn’t play it much because I thought it lost the magic and feel of Titanfall… just felt like CoD and other 1st person shooters. What do you like about it? Might check it out again.

Man, if it feels like COD then I think you’re playing it wrong. And I understand that outlook because you see people all the time that are running around on foot, but when you master the movement in that game, it’s something no other title even comes close to… I hate that this montage is just snipes, cus it doesn’t really give you the full experience of the game, but I mean even here, it’s still pretty evident. There’s maps where you can go minutes without ever touching the ground.

It’s like when you watch a game’s cut-scene and the game-play can’t really replicate it. TF2 is the rare exception where I feel like I’m playing the cut-scene. You can feel like some crazy robotic ninja when you’re nailing head-shots running across the side of a building at 30 MPH

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I played Titanfall for almost 140 hours and was pretty good at it so I’m not playing it wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

For me the movement wasn’t as exciting in Titanfall 2 but bigger problem was playing as Titans. It just wasn’t the same, not as cool. Did you play the first Titanfall?

And is there still people playing on Xbox? Might give it another go… I’m still missing couple of campaign achievements too.

Definitely some still playing, frontier defense takes a few minutes to find a match usually but pvp is alive and well.
I killed both them for hours played. Was a solid diamond in TF1, and roughly the equivalent in TF2, I just wish it used the same ranking system in 2 as it did in 1.

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I just wanted to thank you for turning me on to this game! I’m actually having fun again! Bye bye Gears 5!

TF for me. I played for days on 360 and Xbox 1. Still jump on now. Attrition is always active even on 360,well last time I played on it. That was several months ago.
I think the campaign in 2 is sublime and I like the hook in 2 but its the original all the way in every other regard.