Gears5 is so great I've reinstalled titanfall

The bugs. The constant bugs are killing any desire to play this game.
When there are still beta testing issues showing up…
When the campaign has issues.
When you can’t even use certain characters in horde or escape because it will crash the game…get your sht together already and fix it faster than MONTHS later.
All those unresolved issues and more are why I’ve reinstalled titanfall, and am willing to wait 5 or 10 minutes to find a match.


Man I’d never have uninstalled titanfall in the 1st place

Wall bouncing? Check.

Shotguns? Check.

What’s not to love?

Gears 5 on the other hand, well its lucky cyberpunk got pushed back.


Ewww the shotgun in TF is terrible, pretty much only useful if you’re inside a building.

TF2’s mastiff is a beast and bajillions of times more consistent than my gnasher.

Very true for consistency at least.

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Do you have horde in Titanfall?

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They have a PVE Tower defense mode yes.

I did the same thing lol Titan fall 2 and apex dude, good games.

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I’ve been thinking about this too… I’ve been nothing but a gears player, mainly Horde for years, but I just can’t take dealing with this abomination of a Gears game and all the stupid decisions TC makes on a weekly basis. Does anyone have some other games they would recommend, especially along the lines of Gears 3 Horde?

This couldn’t be anymore truer. Something Ive been saying for awhile now, the release of Cyberpunk will see the death of this game, but fortunately for Gears 5 it wont be till Sept instead of April. Lucky for Modern Warfare, means Ill be playing it just a bit longer, at least I have no issues with hit detection in that game.

I should have never stopped playing Titanfall to begin with, but it happens with all the games I play. I play something and then another game comes out and boom, forget about it.

I play a variety of PVE/Horde Mode games. Some of them are:

-The Division 1 and 2
-Transformers: Fall/War for Cybertron
-Titanfall 1 and 2
-Uncharted 4(PS4)
-Mass Effect 3 and Andromeda
-Left 4 Dead 1 and 2
-World War Z
-Halo Reach Firefight

And I still play Horde on 2 and 3.

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What system do you play on? Asking out of curiosity to see how the player population is doing on L4D.

Hey Thanks! I’m going to start checking these out. I have a group of friends that all come over and we set up 4 tv’s to Horde occasionally, so on these PVE games, can I get 5 or more players at the same time?

Not sure about Xbox. But on PC there’s still players.

I’m not sure about Lan setups. Haven’t done that since the Halo CE days.

And yeah I have a PVE group where we try to hook up and play when we can.

We haven’t used the Lan setup, just connect online together. I guess I’m asking with these games, can I group up as a team, sorta like Gears and play together? I haven’t played anything but Gears for over a decade, so I don’t really know what’s out there anymore. Are there waves in these games? To 50?

There are waves but not 50. Mass Effect 3 and Andromeda have 11 and 7 wave runs. But it’s a fun game if you like ME.

THE Division is 4 player co-op, but it’s basically like playing through a campaign. Definitely fun with friends.

Not sure if you have a PS4 but I was just playing Uncharted 4 survival mode which is wave based. I got up to wave 26 before we all left but man if that a fun game as far as gameplay , IMO.

Transformers is wave based. I don’t remember the max wave but if you like TFs it’s a pretty good PVE mode.

World War Z is in Game Pass. Feels like the movie. Zombies come rushing at you. It’s 4 players.

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Awesome, Thanks again! It’s so sad I gotta find a new franchise, but I’ve just had enough. Time to have some fun again. Titanfall is more like an open world battlefield right?

it’s your standard FPS, with extra speed and skills that are unique to it. Pretty large maps with plenty of main fighting areas on all of them, whether you’re in a titan or just as a pilot

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my favourite thing about gears 5 is that it’s made me and my mates realise how much we prefer rainbow 6.
I was genuinely so excited for Gears 5. Gears has always been my favourite PVP game but Too many bugs, broken matchmaking, a pathetic roster of maps and characters and a piss poor ranking system is too much to put up with.

Rainbow 6 knows what it is and who its audience is. Gears 5 tries to cater to too many players and offers too many modes and ways to play.