Gears5 horde: what do we know thus far

According to the MS page: “Survive using new hero abilities, building defenses, collecting power, leveling up your skills and working as a team”. We can thus expect to have:

  • cards to level up like in GOW4
  • new abilities. Any ideas? Maybe those showed up in the Escape gameplay?
  • collect power as in GOW4 to set up defenses
  • same general idea to beat waves to defend a position

Guess we will have new weapons (like showed in Escape), new executions, new characters, and so on, However here I’m just talking about the changes really affecting our way to play horde.

Will still we have classes (same five classes of GOW4 or new ones)? Possibility to destroy walls and/or other structural elements (probably not)? Any other hints so far about what to expect?

We’ll have the world premiere of horde in august at gamescom so Im sure some of your questions will be answered there.

I really like Gears 4 horde but if I could ask for one change it would be to tone down the sentry spam from engineers.
Maybe limit the number of senties allowed on the map at any given time.


All I know is the scoreboard between waves if there even if one (id rather it not stop the game) better be extremely short. There isn’t a need to tally everyone’s kills and points every round.

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I just want the old band back together… We must have old school Locusts included. The one photo still I have seen didn’t show any, but I live in hope.


Totally agree. Showing the scoreboard just after the boss wave or when the entire team dies would be a nice and painless way to speed up the run.

You don’t like the, “waiting on player” message??
That feeling of, “please don’t crash, please don’t crash…”

Lol. I know they need server end stuff to happen but hopefully they’ll streamline it this time.

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Yea, I’m hoping against hope that something big will happen with Horde. Even if I pass on MP I might jump in horde if it’s got a lot of fresh material. They took 6 months before doing a big Horde update on the last one so maybe it’s lower on the priority list. IDK…

I am really looking forward to watch the premiere!

I have your same feeling about sentries. I like the freedom to build everything, so I wouldn’t introduce a maximum number, but I’d rather limit their fire rate to decrease their overall efficacy.

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Hi mate
All I ever wanted was Horde 2.5 and I would still take that. I know I bang on about it all the time but 2.0 is still near to perfection all these years later.


LOL… that is exactly what I think every time it sticks there for 1 sec more than the usual time :smiley:


AMEN to that, :+1:

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I think (and hope) Classes will stay pretty much the same.
Adding more to 5 Classes on a 5Player PvE will mess up Public-Horde even more.

My biggest wish for Horde is an more intresting Enemy-Rotation on Regular(Public)-Mode,
On Gears 4 its just hella boring with those 1-6 Juvies and Trackers then some Deadeyes/Sentinels/Scions and Pouncers or 1-3 Shepards,Shocktrackers Wave 4 juvies added 5-6 Trishots and so on,

Thats why i love Anything Goes - less Enemys per Wave but mostly big Guys, which is alot more enjoyable especially as a Heavy or Sniper playin Public with a Sentry-spam Engineer.

In my Opinion there should be a Public Anything Goes ALL the Time.

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Gear 4 horde should have built upon Gears of War 3/Horde 2.0 as Gears 3 built on Gears 2. Gears of War 4 is completely boring, repetitive and frankly I hate Gears of War 4 horde mode. It is frankly completely inferior in every way to its predecessor. The class system is boring. I don’t want to be resided to a single role. Doing that same role for 50 waves is boring!!! Boring!!! And collecting power??? WTF??? I will not be buying this game bc TC OBVIOUSLY DOES NOT CARE ABOUT THIS FAN BASE, OUR FAN BASE. The PC version is unplayable from my understanding for a long time now. They have completely ignored and alienated the fan base…
Gears of War 4 should have built upon the previous games first and foremost ex: Have Horde 2.5, Have Over-run mode, Wing man. ect… not this trash they forced on us…

The one thing they really need to bring back is the ability for players to join mid game like back in Gears 2. Players are always dropping out and you end up with only 2 or 3 players. Sure you can invite friends but that’s just not a viable solution most of the time. This is the main reason I stopped playing public horde and only do private games. And even then it’s difficult to get 5 friends on at the same time.

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There’s gonna be juvies.

Coalition loves them.


If we MUST have the class system for Horde, this is what I want:

Non-engineers can move their own fortifications but nobody else’s. They can also only build fortifications with their own money.
Engineers can move all fortifications and they draw on all funds starting with their own first.

The money thing is secondary and I could live without. However, allowing trolls to continually move turrets and other fortifications out to where they will get destroyed is something that should be addressed.

Also, keep 25 wave horde.

Manned turrets as well. Far to easy to set up a kill box with sentrys and manned turrets and just shred everything.

One thing I definitely want changed is the absolutely ridiculous accuracy of AI enemies. I can literally be blindfiring at them on Insane and Inconceivable(and in some rare cases Hardcore) but they’ll still manage to hit me somehow. Like one example, I’m behind a cover on the side corridors on Security and a Deadeye is on the other end of that part of the map and I blindfire a Dropshot. Low and behold, it still hit me…

The number 1 problem class in Horde is the Scout.

Judging from Escape gameplay, it turned out that Scout is back. But I am not sure about its role yet for Horde. I just don’t want anything to do with picking up power.

Scout can be one of the most boring roles possible. All you gotta do and what your team mates want you to do is, collect all the power. It leaves less room for combat.

Scout can also sabotage the game. Refuse to deposit? Managing the power and depositing 1,000 at a time? They act like bankers and give you allowance. Like it’s your pocket money.

Most people would rather avoid and not play the Scout. In matchmaking lobbies, if no one chooses the pac-man class, the lobby is doomed on Hardcore to Incon and gotta matchmake again. Why can’t this be addressed? I’d rather something changed here.

In Juvies Madness or sometimes the normal version of Horde. A Scout can keep lots of enemies near themselves like tail kiting. Going to opposite spawn, killing loads, killing outside while team mates so far away. Sometimes, the team mates feel like they don’t contribute much or get kills and end up leaving.

Anyway, it looks like dropping power system may return from the Horde screenshot. I’m actually looking forwards to August and how bad people could potentially mess or screw up your game.

The currency system in Gears 2 and 3 had it right.

Also, when you’re trying to level up your re-up, wings… etc. You’re going to want to kill a lot, get a lot of ribbons for XP, even in speed runs. You’re going to want to avoid the Scout class. But someone’s gotta be it…