Gears5_EAC.exe - Application Error

I don’t know why this error is showing when trying to run Gears 5. It pops up and the game won’t run cause of it; Is anyone having this same issue?
I found a work around by running the game as Administrator but its really annoying doing it all the time just to play the game.

Hello @BlacK_KaoZ_530

I would suggest submitting a ticket for this kind of error. Few things I would do is make sure Windows is up to date with the latest updates, and make sure all drivers are up to dat as well. If so, please submit a ticket.

Thank you.

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Have you tried repairing the game and then restarting. Mine wouldn’t start because of a different error but I repaired it and restarted my PC and it was fine.

I Was getting an error trying to play. Found a fix on one of microsfot’s forums with a link to down load an update for EAC After replacing the EAC The game started lets me play campaign mode but wont let me play online it gives me a Gears5.exe unknown version error with the link to where my game is installed at.

Does anyone know why EAC or Gears either one answers their support tickets?