Gears5 difficulty part 1

I remember back in the days to always keep an eye for planted nades, nades on GoW2 were really good, I remember how I bounced around corners to check for nades and I remember always to do it on the most common spots that people used to plant nades, ahhh yes I remember to develop that skill…

Now you press RB and you know where all the nades planted are lol.


Yeah why is this a feature? Kinda defeats the purpose tbh


I know right.

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Gears 2. I had a match of guardian where I was the only one vs full team + leader on Blood Drive.

My last intel was the leader near the grenades. I just toss a smoke grenade (I just wanted to defeat the leader, even if that was instantaneously death) and he and 2 more were near a planted frag grenade.

Boom. At the end I lose but I won the appraisal of my team.

I used tac com almost every 30 seconds since Gears 1. But even with this help to see enemy’s planted grenades, many still fall for it (Sometimes, me too xD)

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Planted grenades are dog ■■■■, so easy to avoid and even if you don’t half the time you sponge em

Need to possibly detonate faster and certainly be made so the enemy team can’t see them


In spite of TC having given that feature to players, a majority of the players don’t even use/bother with this.
Some players don’t even know that grenades are highlighted in Tac-Com.
An even smaller percentage of players( probably those who are new to the game) don’t even use Tac-Com!!!

So I think this feature is balanced imo, it is something the veterans/skilled players take the effort to use.

Well in my case in the 21 hours that I have played gears5, I have never die to a planted nade on gears5, I do use Tac com very often since gow2, it is really useful to know where your teammates are.
Yes there is not point to plant a nade it is so easy to avoid it.

I am yet to see my planted nade do something and I have never die to a planted nade so no it is not balanced, it is just making the game easier.

See, you know how to use this feature.
Others don’t.
And also, this isn’t something which is taught to you in the ‘boot camp’.
So for players new to Gears 5, they are completely oblivious to this feature.
So I think this feature is balanced.