Gears5 Crash [PC]

Getting a freeze/crash while playing sometimes error is stated as in screenshot, or this text.

We have detected the following fatal error and cannot continue. The video card stopped responding. (Code: GW502)

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Im getting crashing too, not as bad as last week but i have 9 dump files for them if it can help the crashing

I keep getting the same. Three times the last hour.

also getting GW502 on i7 4770k and GTX 970, feels like the same rate of crashing that I had with gears 4 on my nvidia card without the old drivers. investigate the old bug to ensure it hasnt made its way over to the new game? that would be very disappointing…

I just crashed twice in a koth match and crashed on the main menu, all GW502. ram usage fine when running game and GPU memory only pushing 2.4GB in the menu yet I still crash…

None of you have any gpu overlocks or overlays going on those are the biggest causes of the crashes.

I got a BSOD just sitting at the main menu.

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Yea, my last crash was in the menus, I was tabbed out and on the forums, and it just hard-froze. Gears 4 crashed on me a few times today in-game, and last night it crashed while in the customization menu. It seems the freeze crash doesn’t have anything to do with regular in-game high CPU/GPU/RAM usage, it’s like some random spike that happens.

I don’t think it’s a memory leak or anything like that either, since it can happen right after loading up at times, and seems very random on the timing. You can get through a whole 3 hour long session, or it can freeze on you within less than 30 seconds of loading the game.


Same Here, Gears 5 = DODO Miss you Cliffy B, JS

Game was working fine until the last update, now it crashes right before Kait even gets to load in on the main menu. Win10, GeForce GTX 1050, 8 gigs of ram. Was able to play on ultimate settings with minimal issues.

Since the second update on gears 5, every time I click on my mouse, scroll up and down, or click anything on my keyboard it freezes my games and my frames drop severely. I cannot play it at all on pc. when i load into a game im freezing my game by trying to move forward. I dont understand what is going on. ALL i know is that before these updates my game was running just fine.

I get a crash most often during loading, the COG freezes and video is lost needing a hard reboot. Its more common if I have HDR enabled. I’m 1080Ti. Ive overcome some probs with re-install of drivers but nothing fixes the crashes for me.

It may trigger for people when there’s an title update but it can happen with any version - though some people say go back to previous NV driver

Th e other thing to look out for is in Event Viewer - huge number of event 51s

No word from TC devs or NV about any crashing probs

I guess whatever that 20th patch was broke the recent set of drivers. I rolled back all the way to the May 430.86 driver for my 1050ti and everything seems to be back to it’s normal self.

Pretty sure I didn’t have to roll that far back, but the one before the current driver out also kept crashing at the menu.

I dont think any Gears title update broke the driver, For 10xx cards 436.30 crashes for a number of people regardless of game patch. Still waiting for a title update or Nv hotfix to allow me to move forward from 436.15

Gears 4 was great, 5 is even better in terms of character development and music. Too bad the game is technically broken and TC need to step up their game on the PC.

Cliffy B was a piece of ■■■■ and i’m glad he’s out.