Gears xbox store is lackin 😔

I wish the gears store was loaded like the Bethesda fallout store, you have no idea how badly I want a Corpser plushie

If it was similar in size to this and style, I’d sell both kidneys just to get it.

I’m literally trying to give you my money xbox. Please don’t turn me away.

Give me Hivebuster Funko Pops TC.


I’m still waiting on a series 3 of funko pops.

I need my Lizzie and Fahz pops :triumph:

They need some more clothing too, I swear most of the gears clothes they release are duds. Bethesda’s fallout stuff is usually bangers most of the time.


Gears clothing designs are too specific most of the time. Like no one will know what that is or what it’s from unless it’s the Crimson Omen.

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Well nobody will really know in general lol, its gears. If it doesnt have the omen, or a lancer. It cant be identified.

I really wish I pulled the trigger on that Onyx guard shirt now :pensive:


Really doesn’t help that the US Xbox store doesn’t sell the storm collectibles figures anymore. I was planning on getting the Warden on Cyber Monday but they weren’t there.

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