Gears X Animal Crossing

Alright, where are all my fellow Animal Crossing fans? Here’s what I’ve got going so far:

This is laying on the ground right outside the airport, so it will be the first thing any visitor sees!
:heavy_check_mark: Azura as island name, written in Gears font
:heavy_check_mark: TC’s blade logo from the game intro
:heavy_check_mark: Marcus scar over eye on my character, as well as wearing a do-rag
:heavy_check_mark: Custom designed COG “armor” shirt; front shown on left, back shown on right, complete with Lancer and Gnasher! They also act as horde “decoys,” since they look like dummy COG soldiers sitting there!
:heavy_check_mark: Classic Gears quotes
:heavy_check_mark: Swarm, Omen, Locust, and COG symbols
:heavy_check_mark: Level 1, 2, and 3 “barriers” set up to hold back the horde!
:heavy_check_mark: Classic kill icons of headshot, lancer, Gnasher, snub, frag grenade, and execution

:heavy_check_mark: Coalition of Ordered Governance flag set as as island flag

:heavy_check_mark: Classic Gears quote set as Passport comment
:heavy_check_mark: “Emergent Grub” set as Title, which by the way must be set with preset words in the game, so I couldn’t believe I was able to get this combination!


What in the hell is happening.


Worlds are colliding… :grin:


We went from “Gears sucks let’s go play superior games like Doom and Animal Crossing” to “I’m sorry baby I love you Gears I miss you see I even made some art for you”


Gears 5 stinks, but I still like Gears. I figured if I get to name a deserted island, I could go with Azura from Gears or Rockford from Resident Evil. Decided that I could probably do more stuff with Gears, though, so I went with it :+1:t2:

very cool.
Do you have the QR codes for these?

I unfortunately deleted some of them before getting access to Able Sisters and uploading them (didn’t know that was a thing), but I still have some of them uploaded now.

My creator ID is MA-3848-9917-4119

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Thought I’d add to this :joy: i thought i was the only one!! :smile:


The Slab! Nice one!


Would you mind if I use your design for my island flag if you have a creator code :heart_eyes: