Gears with a controller... is Agonising

I recently bought GoW 4 because I missed out on it and I wanted to get one year of online play before it’s a desolate wasteland

I find games relatively quickly but more so 3v3 TDM/Koth in the first half of the week and full games on the later half

I can’t play gears 4 comfortably because I’ve gotten so used to K/BM (that plus the camera shake & fov)

I’ve been trying to play it with the controller and it hurts, it physically hurts my hands. It doesn’t feel right in my hands anymore.

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I’ve played PC and Xbox multiple times on default settings (Always), it shouldn’t be that big unless you really have a crazy fov you’re used to…

have you tried to change your hands?



@AirLoxz then you should be happy, for me my skill is lost when I pick up a controller

if GOW 3 still is alive and well at online horde matches… I don’t see any time near this would happen .

well that happens because GOW 4 still it’s a man’s game … you’re supposed to have rough hands to play while at it… in spite of Gears 5 that is something out of Sesame Street to be honest.

It’s a beautiful game… I think the problem its on your hand this time my friend. Perhaps you should stick in Gears 5 .


Perhaps they uses a sega megadrive controller??

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that controller has been labeled before as the worst one yet haahhahaha or one of the worst .

in my opinion the most comfortable controller has been then xbox one controller and in second place the SNES Controller…

I don’t know why people nowadays have their hands tired because of the xbox one controller, it works fantastically for almost the rest of the world .

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Maybe you need The Duke.

I really don’t understand this complaint.

Irrelevant to the point of your post but anyone remember the N64 controller? Have you tried to hold it recently? It’s a wonder how we did it :joy:

Anyway, on topic. Personally I couldn’t play any other way, I use the controller on default and play with claw.


I remember that, 1st time i picked it up im like “ok wtf are these buttons for”

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I play default and claw as well, I have played this way for so long now that it just feels like a normal way to hold the controller,

OP have you tried playing in claw?

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I’ve tried playing claw but I can’t get used to it. I’ll stick to it for a week but I’ve held my controller the same way for every gears game

@mrflankys707 It’s not so much a complaint rather than just me writing my thoughts out

@GB6_Kazuya The N64 controller was my first console and the one I had as a young kid, I don’t really have a problem with it but I see where some people stand

@D_A_N_III_3_L don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed every gears 4 match even when I lost. I have played G5 for 362 hours with a mouse and keyboard and I’m not adjusting fast enough
Genuinely I think I’m gonna do whatever g5 event comes out and finish the operations and then just go on koth gow4 because I enjoy it way more even though I semi suck


Haha no problem here either, Ocarina of Time still stands as one of the best games of all time! Put in a hell of a lot of hours into that console,


Maybe try messing with sensitivities until it feels better other than that just keep playing. U will get back to comfort with it with time.

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Yes nintendo needs to remake that

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100%, a genuine remake with decent graphics. Not cell shading like Wind Waker or Breath of the Wild, but just a normal HD remaster.

I’d buy the Switch just for that.

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I would buy a switch if Nintendo put a game pass service that allows me to play all mario brons ever existed… if they do that I would be inclined to buy a intendo console.

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That’ll never happen because Nintendo’s IPs hold their value while Microsoft’s are Car, Halo Man, and big man with chainsaw gun

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Hi @RadishBeet how are you man ?

Nintendo could keep their IPs, it just that it would be nice to have a " game pass " service where you could pay nintendo lets say 10 dollars a month and you could play every mario brons game on their catalog , that would surely make the switch a instant hit on sales .

just my two cents about it haahahhaa