Gears Weekly Stream - Jan 10 2019 - Your questions for Ryan Cleven

Ryan Cleven (Gears of War Multiplayer Design Director) will be our special guest during tomorrow’s Gears Weekly Live Stream.

Got any questions for Ryan? Post them here!

We will see you tomorrow!

golden gear tracker is not tracking, GT POOPYTOAD

I’ve got a few questions :

  1. Do you plan to use the hit % again for Gears 5?

  2. Will the whole ranking system remain and slightly be adjusted and improved or will it entirely be changed in Gears 5?

  3. Will there be any significant changes to multiplayer in Gears 4 before the end of its life cycle? (When Gears 5 releases.)

  4. Will there also be more challenges implemented before Gears 5? Such as recent obtainable characters like the Emerald and Diamond Gears and also the classic golden gear?

  5. I know this won’t get answered but I thought I’d try my luck, can we expect a Gears 5 beta in the coming months?

And lastly I thought I’d be cheeky and sneak in that I’m still after V-Day Dom! XD please please please before the end of Gears 4 bring out vday pack, the theme on twitter of vday recently has my hopes high lol. Thank you.

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Weapon tuning,
Can TC give their thoughts on what to expect in 5. Hopefully 1 tuning.

Any new modes/returning favourites in 5.

Confirm Locusts rosta will be vastly increased and be included in 5.


What’s the community team (and Ryan’s) current progress on the two active challenges for Emerald Gear and Classic Golden Gear.

Gnashers only KOTH was quite fun playing to get the Classic Golden Gear. Got the Challenge quite quickly, I wanted to say thank you for a challenge that was not just about kills but points, so the objective cap/break players are able to excel at it, this was even better than the kills or assists which was also appreciated. Will this all be taken into account and present at the start of Gears 5, if it has challenges then all different kinds of players can make progress on them?

Just to confirm, there’s now Double XP on permanently, so when when you say Double XP on Gnashers only KOTH, this is Quad XP in 2018 Gears 4 terms right?

With Holidays past, is the next event Valentines? Can we expect a “Road ahead” post soon?

Would the team consider future Black Steel packs to have a “Buy what you want” option for characters and weapon skins like the other recent packs, given the Black steel characters were available for individual purchase over the holidays?

Is it possible for a discount (CR and money cost) on special packs for Season holders?

Question for Ryan, what’s the best/most positive thing about your role/work at the Coalition in your view?

Will there be wingman mode is Gears?

Will we be able to earn skins in game by completing challenges like in Gears 3?

When is Gears POP! Coming out?



I believe no one else has bought as many eSports Packs, nor have they spent as much money supporting this game than me. In this respects I believe I am unique in my way of supporting gears.

I would love for you guys to take a look at my purchase history to confirm this.

The question is:

The one Character I would like is the Blood Moon Imago. I have offered to make a charity donation for it as well.

Having spent spent so much on this game (and I will continue to do so and in Gears 5) - is there any way I can be awarded this Character for my support?

If you don’t ask, you don’t get so I’m hoping there’s a chance!


Gnashers Only KOTH Special Event is literally the best mode in Gears outside regular KOTH in my opinion.

Please can we make it a permanent ranked option with Crossplay Enabled?

Either in Core or Comp.


To help PC players find matches, can we get Crossplay Enabled for at least one Core mode?

Perhaps TDM or KOTH?

Even though I’m in the EU, it’s still a very hard struggle to find games online.

Have you considered making Gnasher only KOTH a permanent playlist (unranked or not) or at least a vote option for competitive warmup, seeing how most people still resort to private shotgun lobbies to warm up, since any other mode (even 2v2) doesn’t get you into as much shotgun fights quickly enough?

Seems like this would be a very good addition for a lot of people, and if it stays unranked, between those warming up and those just looking for fun, I’m sure it’ll hold good population numbers. Honestly, I think it can be so useful that it makes no sense limiting it to an event.

I guess these are more suggestions for Gears 5, then questions, but I’ll submit them anyway :slight_smile:

  1. Can we get optional weapon sensitivity overrides in gears 5? For example, a default set of sensitivities used for all weapons, and then have the option to override them for specific weapons (like a much higher sensitivity for the gnasher)? That’s what I’d love… A regular one for everything else and a really high one for the gnasher… it’s hard to place accurate shots with precision weapons with a gnasher friends sensitivity :slight_smile: Set: look, aim, zoom, and acceleration…

  2. Can we do execution rules for everything multi player in Gears 5? Maybe as a trial run, even, to see how the community feels about it. I feel it would be a big success…

What’s going on with his rank system in King of the Hill 88 in Diamond 1 I lost only one game I am in 25 is seriously 60 I took away if you continue with that many policies leave this game even if so the gears 5

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1. Will weapon cool down timing be in Gears 5?
It’s like every weapon is supposed to be a heavy weapon that needs cooling.
2. Will grenade traps detonate faster in Gears 5?
They kinda go off late when tagged somewhere.
3. Can you show the ribbons after a match for Gears 5?
Maybe use an I/O switch in options

Thanks all - keep your questions going before the show.


Yes please x1000.

allow option to show ribbons at the end of games!

More questions :

  1. Can we expect to see the return of progression in Gears 5?

I believe Gears was as it’s best when you were able to unlock your favourite characters from the very start and not having to wait months to obtain them or have a slim chance they may not return.

  1. Have you guys ever considered character and weapon editors for players to create their own character and skins?

I just lost my faith in mankind. Again.

Back to topic, can we have 25 waves horde from beginning on Gears 5? Inconceivable?

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Are the questions only limited to gears 4?

Is there any more 2v2 maps being planned from already existing maps?

How are you guys looking to combat AFKer’s in ranked in the future? That keep rubberbanding their controller?

Are the Gears in the machines still coming out on deep diving on the ranking system?

What do you intend to do in Gears5 with people who do not find ranked games? So far you have ignored us and we are waiting for an answer.

This is building on a question that was asked about the ranking system.

You said that rank gains and losses are strongly determined by rounds won and lost. Does the score within a round also determine rank gains and losses?

For example in KOTH, if you win 2-0 you’ve won both rounds. But surely winning 180-0 counts for more than winning both rounds say, 180-170, is that correct?

Bah! I was a bit preoccupied playing a game now and the volume on my laptop was quite low, but I think they answered my question just now and basically with KOTH apparently the round score is not irrelevant, and it’s all about winning rounds. Did anyone else catch this?

I’d love to hear the criteria for each mode. Seems like guys who regularly go negative in TDM but get a lot of kills end up getting in the Onyx ranks regardless of skill. In wondering if dying the least in most matches is really doing me any favors.