Gears Weekly Developer Stream - June 14, 2018

Submit your questions here for a chance to have them answered during the show!

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Will we be getting wingman!? And how about tunings. Just one or gonna keep the community split?

How about estimated time for a beta or when could we expect to see anything multiplayer related?

Any idea on a release date?

When can I preorder I’m ready to buy :grinning:

Can we get just a tiny snip of the gnasher in action?

Is there a rework of loot boxes or a removal?

Will we have any characters that can be earned from reaching a certain level or beating the campaign ect?

What game modes plan to be released at launch for ranked multiplayer.

Can day one players of gears 4 get a exclusive weapon or character skin for gears 5? That would be awesome. If so can I give you guys some ideas for coming up with the idea? Kinda like the emblem we got for gears 4 already but maybe a in game use item.

Can people on the forums get emblems to use in game for the badges they have on the forums.

Can we get a matchmaking system that allows us to pick if we are looking for a fast que or a que that provides the best connection. Similar to what was in halo 3

Can we get a more detailed war journal back. Similar to gears 2. Same with a post game screen where we can view other players stats that where in the game.

Can we get a average points a game tracker back. Along with specific game type kd / wl tracker.
Possible one for each season as well (this one can be website only)

You guys going to address the myriad connectivity issues to the server or nah?

Don’t be so blunt you will scare them away from my post D: you have to ease into it

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Is Gears Pop an Online Shooter or will it have some kind of story mode?

How many characters / enemies / vehicles can Tactics have simultaneously on screen?

Can we get the ability to scrap any card / scrap those that are currently locked like the several JD Skins and Weapon skins?

Please talk about horde 4.0

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WILL we be seeing a Future D.Carmine pack in Gears 4?

You can ask on the Mixer stream which is currently live right now, I think.

Yeah I did and sure enough they completely ignored it and answered useless questions like “What’s your gamertag?”

:laughing:they do that a lot on mixer streams, not just gears. Answering questions about lag fixes and technical problems is probably a big no no.

Yeah I guess they have to be very careful about what they say and how they say it. It’s a lot of pressure. They even said at the start it was hard before 5 was announced not to let it slip because it is actually easy to do so when your excited for a new project and know it’s happening but can’t say.