Gears vs should have radar

It just makes sense. It would eliminate people getting cheap kills by hiding around corners.

This was actually @SnubbbS’s idea don’t hate me


I wouldnt mind trying it out.


Pitchfork armed mob in 3… 2… 1…

Jokes aside, I kinda don’t see this going down too well with the playerbase. Because new is bad and all that. Unless it came in like a dedicated mode(maybe). And there will be the inevitable comparison to Halo.


Agree that would be a handy feature

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In GoW, everyone basically knows where everyone else is unless someone is deliberately hiding. GoW is really special in this regard — it’s really easy to always know where the four enemies are unless one of them is actually hiding in a corner.


This is actually true

After the fit people threw regarding the minimap and it’s not even IN pvp?

Well the radar is sort of implemented in the game with the mark system, just so many people don’t use it.


I usually find hiding enemies easily when they try active reloading their gnasher, which essentially does nothing other than giving away their position.

And friendlies can easily be seen in tac-com.

A radar is one of those things i wouldn’t mind but also don’t see a point in having it. Would probably turn it off if that was an option

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You wouldn’t lol

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It would be harder to flank which is a large and fun part of gears, imo. I wouldn’t mind trying it though.

Oh ■■■■ off.


This really would be a great addition to the game.

Let’s take this matter outside.

To Discord. Prepare for violence.

Might as well remove all cover too.
(It doesn’t work in gears5 anyway. )

Just make all maps a big open gym or large flat open field.
No cover, no walls, no worries about players hiding or taking cover in this cover-based shooter series.

Otherwise how could you possibly know if someone is waiting on the other side of a corner or column with the pile of fresh dead bodies in front of it.


To you doubters:

Snubbs is actually correct. You do know where the enemy is at 99% of the time, and you’re kinda meant to. Let’s look at an example.

Mode: control

Map: foundation

Ring: shock nades

The enemy has the ring, and you have to make a push. You can assume that there is going to be an opponent in center near ring, one facing out towards torque, and one by the entrance from boom/drop. You don’t need a radar to tell you this. Anyone who has played vs has done this hundreds if not thousands of times. The problem is that there might be some no-life dork hiding in mid.

Having a radar wouldn’t change the game much. It’s usually very obvious where people are at. It would just help eliminate people getting cheap kills

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Part of the fun of playing gears is the notion that someone may kill me cheaply.


Much as I agree re the camping/cheap kills point I don’t feel we need nor would I want more things cluttering up the screen. I’m always amazed when I watch clips of players who have the subtitles up as it is. I would just find it distracting.:+1:


I personally spam it whenever I run anything with anyone. It’s probably quite annoying for them lol. Been ingrained in me since gow3.

Indeed. General awareness of the objective, people, power weapons available, lives left, time left, etc, combined with experience with the game’s style over the years guarantees this. I’ve never had much difficulty locating and weeding out cowards.

The addition of a radar is just clutter and unnecessary. It also doesn’t fit with Gears of War’s Versus. It would also take the enjoyment out of flanking those with a weaker awareness of their surroundings.