GEARS V Season Pass sugestion

Gears four season pass in my vie was a complete rip off & everybody whom didn’t pay for it pretty much got the same player experience… Let the guys know whom make this, if Gears V has the same deal I wont be buying it (Don’t even get me started on micro-transactions)

Side note: Get rid of those stupid robots too!

                                                                     I'm just saying!
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Tbh I was never that bothered, they said you’d get Maps and that’s what we got.



You gotta stop taking the words outta my mouth…I dont like meeting like this…lol



And also, to the OP, the “robots” aren’t going anywhere buddy.

I’m not their biggest fan but at the moment, it changes things up a bit at least and now they are getting infected, it’s a bit more interesting :+1:

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I was fine with the pass…the problem is a lot of people probably didn’t read it or misunderstood it or else why would you buy the pass? It stated what we were getting in the print

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Yeah, I think people expected something else so mis-understood.

TC did offer a lot of free packs after though so they tried to add more value :+1:

Here’s my idea, the season pass should give you literally nothing! Just have it be a $50 money sink that gives no rewards!

They SHOULD NOT have a season pass in the first place, it only splits the playerbase.

Even EA, probably the most greedy gaming publisher on the planet is ditching season passes in their biggest, most profitable franchises for the same reason. That and their PR.

How does it split the player base?

Everyone is able to play on the same maps

In Gears 4, yes.

In Battlefield if you don’t own a certain expansion or the season pass, you can’t play on certain maps. It only alienates big chunks of your playerbase and because of that almost no one even plays on those DLC maps after a few months.

Yeah, you know we are on a Gears forum.

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But you’re talking about making season pass content exslucive to season pass/map pack owners, like in Battlefield or CoD.

That’s never healthy for the longevity in multiplayer. Just have free content updates like Battlefront 2 and BFV.

I hope we go back to the Gears 3 days, progression to earn characters and weapon skins for the re-ups, I was only a little bit annoyed when the exclusiveness of the pre-order characters and season pass privileges were available to everyone, made pre-ordering the game pointless a few months down the line.


The robots are here to stay I think. I’m not for them but I’m not totally against them.

I think we need some innovation away from a SP. Something different.

Yes you’re absolutely correct. If I could go back and stop myself from wasting the money I would. You essentially paid $40 extra for a few weapon skins that nobody uses or wants.

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I would be happy with:
At least 2 new pieces of contend dlc, both approx the length and size of RAAM’s Shadow. On that front the season pass dlc in Gears 3 was excellent.
Some new skins.
Maybe a XP boost (J gave you a VIP playlist) or selection of very high end bounties. 500cr per victory and maybe 2000 cr for completing Horde, something along those lines.
The main thing is campaign expansions though


Anyone who purchased the season pass and was upset about what they got have no one to blame but their selves. TC was pretty upfront and clear about everything you were getting for the extra money. It’s matter of what you feel is value to what you are spending.

My personal opinion is too much emphasis was placed on packs, and not enough on actual meaningful content. 24 “New” maps and the the term new is being used very loosely because between the retro maps, and the launch remakes there were only like 6 or 7 “New” maps… For $40.00, or 2/3 of what the actual game cost, I feel you should get at least that percentage in actual, playable content.

There are so many side stories they can tell, and would be a good gauge for spinning off more content and games by how well it’s received. I would love to see RNG packs go away… Replaced with achievement based rewards which are something really unique… And then for all the seasonal stuff take like 4 or 5 complete weapon skin sets and put them up, and make each skin cost a certain amount of credits… Price them in rarity so Green/Blue/Purple/Yellow, So you have skins 1 thru 14, if you wanted skin 14 which is say a legendary Lancer you would need to purchase up to the card you wanted… And then for completing say all five 14 item weapon sets you would then be able to purchase some super cool character skin…

Just something that gives me more control over the skins/items that I want. And gives me something that I can work towards… In Gears 4 I have like almost 1100 different weapon and character skins I can choose from, and almost none of them have any special meaning like “I got this for doing this and it took forever but I did it” Sense of accomplishment…

So I guess after this rant I would say I would like to see season pass go away all together if the content is going to be MP maps and digital items… If it is actual campaign content, then yes… Take my money… If you are going to charge me more money, then give me value…

Season Pass suggestion: don’t make one, TC.

The pass was fine, but didn’t meet expectations. Saying you would receive new maps, only to get remakes was a major letdown. TC admitted that they hadn’t fully prepared too far in advance when the game was initially released and basically ran out of time each month to create new ones. While it may be a bit lazy, I just think overall it was lack of preparation and the game was also released TOO early!

The robots are going no where, watch the trailer for Gears 5 lol.

When did I ever say that?