Gears Utility - Gears of War app - Now LIVE on iOS!

Hey folks!

Just thought I’d share that Gears Utility is now LIVE for iOS!

It’s taken a while, but I’m glad that iOS users can now enjoy Gears Utility too! <3

Android users can find it here:


Finally, i can now compete with pc players.


Excellent, looks good. I’ll give it a download.


I wish we had more people who were into Gears so we could get more cool apps/sites. Well done!

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:facepunch: nice one.

Oh, that looks awesome.

I will try it…

Installing now. Thanks.

But no translation in settings…

awesome job Jay , this has come a long way since it started , you have done great keep up the good work


Wait…there is a Gears of War app? I never knew this lol. I used to see people asking for an app just as an extension to the game, stat tracking, etc. I assume this is it?

“Is it safe” said in Dr Szell voice.