Gears Utility App

I saw the Gears Utility app somewhere on or around here and I didn’t think much of it since a lot of it is just like the website.

But recently I’ve been able to use it to view my stats without starting up the game and today it gave me a notification that a Wyvenrn Gnasher was up for grabs and I was able to use it to do so the same as you can through right without it.

Then other notifications for different motherboard skins - breaker mace and freedom lancer - so far.

So that was useful. If anyone else finds it useful then there you go :slight_smile:

The motherboard skins are good looking even though I don’t really want to pay $5/ea for the loadout ones; They match up well with the purple phantom though so I can mix and match those without clashing :laughing:


I have it downloaded myself. It’s really really good especially for a fan-made app, not officially sponsored or created by Microsoft/TC.

Although that would explain how it works so much cleaner than the Xbox app.

Shout to @ProGear360, the creator, he’s made a lot of other stuff on the Forums that normally gets a 50/50 good/critical response but this app is really helpful, it’s how I get on the Forums when on mobile rather than attempting to use Chrome.


Correct, he put a lot of work, effort and love into it.


Better than I can do (or most of us.) I consider myself smart but not tech savvy. That’s why everything I create that’s Gears-related is a meme or on a Google Doc.

Gotta respect his dedication like the guy who has posted missing posters for new characters every three months or so since 2017.

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Never knew about this. I’ll be downloading this when I get home.

Thank you for saying something. I never knew gears had this app. I got some free skin from this app.

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Yes this App is AWESOME

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Does the app send skin quest notifications in the background or does it need to be active to receive notifications? It doesn’t seem to be sending anything unless i actively open the app.

There might be a “Push Notifications” setting or something like that on your phone. Mine sends me little updates when skins go live on the stream and whatnot even when it’s been closed for weeks.

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Gears Utility