Gears update with maps

I got a update for gears on Friday and I’m fairly sure it included maps like reclaimed ( I could be wrong). I have played it for hours and haven’t played on one of the new map update. Am I missing something?

Reclaimed existed in Custom.

There isn’t supposed to be any new Maps until December.

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I really wish they would release them sooner. I’m getting very bored of the same ones

It probably takes time to make new ones.

I understand that but with gears 4 there was more maps available when released. And with all the hype behind the game I was thinking there would be a few more. I hope the release canals for gears 5. That would be excellent

It’s the same game engine. All they have to do is transfer the maps from Gears 4 over. Same files, same compression, Audio, Textures, Meshes and AI path-finding is already programmed. You could literally count the keystrokes it would take to install Gears 4 maps into Gears 5. What bugs me is the same goes for character models, All those characters in Gears 4 could be in Gears 5 without any work from the developer. It might take half a day at best. They are purposefully withholding existing content so they can drip feed it to us later.

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