Gears Update (June 2019)

I haven’t been on my xbox one for about 3 days and I noticed there was an update for gears 4. I am guessing it has to do with the road to gears 5 thing. Anyways my update stopped at 31.1 % and hasn’t resumed. Has any one else had this problem or know how to fix it?

I could really use the help please

I’ve had this problem myself and a friend did as well. I tried to restart the console and disconnecting and reconnecting my network a few times(along with a few unvoluntary disconnects of unknown cause since I was not having connection issues) , none of that worked. The update eventually just continued on its own, so patience is required. Just need to wait for it to decide to continue…


I had this before on a earlier gears update and cancelled it.
I didn’t realise it would delete the whole game. I had to re install it and this was when it was 120 gb.

Mine was going along fine. I went to check thinking it was done. THE WHOLE GAME RESTARTED TO DOWNLOAD. All 100+ gb.
Had same thing happen with battlefronts 2

Has anyone finished it yet what is it?