Gears Ultimate Performance in 2021?

I’ve been wanting to play the first Gears but I don’t have a 360 so I’ll be going for the Ultimate Edition on PC. I’ve found many articles from 2016 describing the game’s poor performance. For reference, I have an RX 580 and Ryzen 3 3200G. Does the game still run terribly in this day and age?

AMD drivers have always played nicer than Nvidia ones when it comes to Gears but if I recall correctly, it was one of Windows 10 updates that severely crippled UE (performance issues) and TC never fixed it.

In terms of hardware specs, that is more than enough to run at full details 60fps 1080p, but unless someone provides some recent experience, you’re going to have to find out yourself.

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MS Quite clearly states on the store that the UE is basically a Tech demo to show all the new graphic bling lol.
On my somewhat older PC with a titan X and a i7 7700 it ran full details 1080 P at about 30 - 50 Fps.
The RX 580 seems to be a bit behind in Power but yeah that is also game dependent.

Honestly, get a copy of the original PC Version of Gears 1, looks decent enough and runs well.
That is only if you don’t want to play online though obviously.
Or grab the gamepass (assuming they still have the cheap offer) and test it there.

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I was actually planning to buy the game pass specifically for Gears and Halo lol. They don’t have the cheap offer in my country but it’s still relatively low. I’d love to get the OG as I don’t care about multiplayer but I believe it’s unlikely I can find a copy, again in my country.

If you’re getting those frames with a Titan X then the game is still crippled. I went max settings 60fps / 1080p with an I7 3770 and a RX 580 in 2016 (it was horrendous at launch, but it was mostly fixed a few months later).

@AsteroidBelt176: unless you find a $5 key, just go with gamepass for a month to see how it goes.


Posting this here for anyone seeing this thread in the future: The game runs pretty bad. No consistent 60 fps even on lowest settings. It’s playable, but takes up a lot of resources too.

Gears ultimate edition is the only game coalition has made well it’s cause it’s not there game, it’s perfect everything feels fresh and it looks 4K if your looking to do online forget about that they forgot to add social games so it’s dead no ones on it but campaign is amazing gears 1 nothing beats it