Gears Ultimate for Windows 10 Error

Hi there!

Have any of you ever experienced this error playing Gears of War Ultimate Edition for Windows 10?

Do you have any ideia how can I fix it? Some points to be considered:

  • My GamePass subscription is active until December, 01.
  • Already reinstall the game.
  • Already logged out Microsoft Store, Xbox Companion.
  • Already tried to repair the game, system etc…

This problem is only on G Ultimate for W10, Gears 5 works fine.

thank you in advance!

I’m also getting the same issue. It was working last week so I’m pretty sure this latest windows update broke the game.

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I’m getting the same error, it must be a problem with the last windows 10 update or with the game itself, I tried the same things. Btw im subscribed to Xbox Game Pass for PC and the other games run without problem. Any solution?

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At this topic Gears Ultimate Edition PC Error they say the problem was the KB4550945 Windows Update that broke the game, I haven’t tested unninstalling it yet but could do the trick.

Is that the one that also screwed up the frame rate?