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Gears Ultimate Edition Servers are online again

Hi guys,
I saw a stream of it in Twitch today - re-downloaded it and indeed the servers are running again for the first time in months.
Just letting you know in case you want to play a real Gears game.
See you there.


Is this for W10?

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My PC isn’t working. Could only check on XB1.
Can someone confirm the status for W10?

I will check when I get a chance :slight_smile:

Wait, they were taken down? So all that time I spent searching was for nothing? smh

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You should generally read popups in online-games.

Playing on PC, never got any pop-up, thanks anyway though.

PC servers have been down for a while, and performance in campaign has been broken since April 2018. A recent windows update prevented people from even launching the game (that was quickly fixed though).

Booting it up now and checking if either issue has been fixed.

…and the servers are back online :slight_smile:

Edit: Campaign performance is still completely borked.


Of course there wasn’t any TU.
The only things you can hope to be fixed are directly online-server related I guess.
I just really want to play some matches in it.
As soon enough people are back in it…

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Sure wish this post meant something to the pc community lmao we can’t even play online if any game should have been cross platform I wish they had done it for ultimate edition

I didn’t know they were down either. Me and a few buddies got our 10,000 kills in April so they were definitely working then. So couldn’t have been down for months as we were playing last month.

Xbox has never been down, I can attest to that. TDM is always lively.

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I had pop up Messages with saying that and I was looking for matches in TDM mostly for many many hours without finding anything.
I’m quite sure they were down

I guess they still haven’t fixed the exp issue for win10!?

They seem to have fixed it, I logged in and was able to play immediately instead of it waiting a minute and telling me services were offline.

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Exp issue appears to be fixed for w10. Campaign performance issue definitely not fixed.

I don’t think they were. I literally grinded out my last of the 10,000 kills through March and April. Playing almost daily. 3 of us unlocked the achievement in April. So if they ever were down, they were back as recently as March and not today.

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Might be true, I havent tried since beginning of the year.
Still didn’t know about it.

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Does anyone know if the playlist has changed as well? Or was it KOTH and Execution two months ago as well?

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