Gears Ultimate Edition PC Error

I wanted to play Gears UE on my PC but upon booting up the game I get a dialog box saying my License is missing, expired or revoked. Do not know why I am getting this. A friend of mine also re-downloaded the game and they also are getting the message. Is there a way to fix this?

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Also getting this error message, I have logged out of Xbox app and logged back in, restarted PC, attempted to redownload and downloaded to my main drive to see if that altered it. Any assistance would be good.

same problem, and im on gamepass

Same here. I have game pass, but I went to far as to purchase the game, uninstalled it and reinstalled it with no success. Also of note after installing I searched the term “gears” on my pc and gears 4 and 5 showed up I users app data folder but there was no evidence of gears ultimate being on my pc in any folder despite the fact that it’s in my apps window and will start up when selected.

Same here, i´am on Gamepass. My other Gamepass Games (Forza 4, Gears5 ) works fine.

I booted the game up 5 days ago just fine. Tried again today and it has given me the same error as everyone else. I’m on Game Pass as well.

I’ve referenced this thread in the support ticket that I’ve just sent. Hopefully there will be a solution soon.

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Good Night
My cousin got the game pass for 3€ , when it ended he doesnt renew it . He has the game bought in his acount , many years before this game pass crap , and he has the same problema you all have !
Im using family share with him and the game works! So this CAN ONLY BE GAME PASS RELATED !!!

Its an issue with the latest windows update.

Do you have a source on this? Also is it the KB4550945 update? I think my problems started happening after installing this optional update. I now also have issues enabling Dolby Atmos. I wonder if it is also license related. For Dolby Atmos though, it seems to fix itself when I uninstall and reinstall, although sometimes the problem comes back.

A number of users reported that it wouldn’t work on the latest update (I believe the one you listed), a few of which reverted back and then it worked again.

The second issue you described is something similar to what @Krylon_Blue has spent a few weeks troubleshooting and he knows far more than I do on the audio issues caused by recent windows updates.

Uninstalled that update (it was marked as Optional anyways when I installed it) and the game is now working again! I believe the Dolby Atmos issue is also related. Both apps require verifying licenses from the Microsoft Store and both apps started exhibiting issues after the KB4550945 update was installed. Do you know if there is a bug report that I can follow regarding this issue?

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I don’t unfortunately.

I found someone’s Feedback report here:

This seems related.

Oh geez, the horrors. :man_facepalming::worried:

Word of advice — delay any updates as long as you can or you’ll be spending 30 hours trying to find a fix one day. My audio issues were so severe that I was going insane. Even a full format didn’t help because the Windows update that was an issue was part of the 1903/1909 rollout. Even the 2004 beta had it too.

Eesh, luckily I’ve had decent luck with upgrades. This KB4550945 update was really the only one I’ve ever had that caused issues for me personally. What audio hardware do you have?

It didn’t matter. Everything had the issue. It was a game audio issue where the game audio cut out but nothing else did. If I had iTunes or YouTube on that wouldn’t cut out but the game audio would.

Weird, it never happened on any of my machines, which is why I was asking. That sucks though.

It wasn’t wide spread but for those it happened to it was consistently on certain games.

Affected were Gears 4/5, Doom 2016/Eternal, Division 2 and Borderlands 3

Not affected were Halo MCC, CoD MW, Forza 7 and Horizon 4

Those are the ones I know about.

Video of the cut out here

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I have this too using game pass PC.