Gears UE Win 10 version: Sometimes the name for act and chapter shows on english, spanish or doesn't show at all

This happened most on Act I.

My PC is on english, weather and apps that relay on location are on german, Microsoft store is on english, but if I search for Gears 5 the info appears on spanish.

Xbox app and Gears UE show spanish (latam spanish for audio and subs on UE).

The first chapter appears on english (Ashes - 14 years after E-day), chapter 2 and 3 english too. But on chapter 4, name appears on spanish (Cenizas - Bifurcación del camino). Chapter 5 to 7 spanish too. Chapter 8 appears on english again.

And act II starts on english, and in some part that I don’t remember I never got the name of the chapter.

Question is: What I did wrong so UE shows signs to be a bilingual game?

(For the record, I never changed language setup on my PC and I played Act I in one sitting)

You expect this game to properly work? UE has so many issues on PC it’s not even worth playing, in my opinion. Hopefully someone can help you out.

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A friend of mine has Strict Nat problem with Gears UE, but he doesn’t have this problem with other games. Even when he saw a lot of tutorials on how to change it, still the game shows strict nat.

I read that UE has a lot of issues on PC, but gladly I didn’t find one campaign wise (english/spanish text is a first, but nothing that broke the game).