Gears UE not so ultimate ... Update please!

Hello ! I am very disapointed by The Coalition in Gears ultimate edition, this game deserves a better treatment being an iconic game of the Xbox universe !

  • Splitscreen is 4/3 format with black borders ?? It is a bad joke, even gears 1 compatible is fullscreen splitscreen ! They should fix this !
    They could even had added 4 players splitscreen !

  • No bonuses features or content ! nothing to enhance the gameplay or the visuals of the game or additional game modes or skins …Nothing in terms of additional content to celebrate this game !
    They could add new game modes like the ones we can see in the others gears games like wingman, free for all, grid iron, dodgeball etc … They just added hopefully the team deathmatch with 15 lives per group !

  • No AI bots like in the others games of the serie !

  • They could add filters to change the graphics of the game and get rid of the original greyish mono-coloured aspect of the game ! I would like to see Gears 1 with coloured graphics like in judgement and gears 4/5, that would be a great enhancement alongside various filters to choose from gears 2/3/judgement !

Hey The Coalition your game still sells and deserves a little big update to add more features in gears of war ultimate edition ! You are known to be specialists of unreal engine so that would not be a problem and not a lot of work for you to improve your game ! I hope you will do it for all the gears of war 1 lovers !

Thank you !

I don’t understand why my post was closed en merged with this one, the content is way more complete than just AI/bots subject ! This is a totally new post and being merged into this one make it less viewable by the main remittee the Coalition studio in that case ! Am I censored ? I don’t understand …

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