Gears topic for Gears Vets

I completely see that it mainly bothers me due to the fact it isn’t a console seller anymore it’s something straight off game pass everyone wants to pay to get a bunch of stuff for free like it matters they should of turned gears 5 into a console seller again and made it more of an exclusive.

I mean, Xbox as a brand has been shifting away from being strictly console for years, with Gears of War kinda being the testing ground for it.

Microsoft’s exclusives alone can’t save their console branding after the s***show that was E3 2013. They’ve been future proofing their brand so they don’t go the way of Sega and the Dreamcast with having their eggs in one basket.

And in a way it makes perfect sense because consoles now are hardly any different than PC’s, in fact they’re in direct competition with one another. The Xbox One is basically Microsoft’s equivalent to the Steam Machine if we’re being real.

Halo is getting more popular in the PC market thanks to Halo 2 mods and the recent Halo Online. Gears is going that way as well. Microsoft can no longer make do with exclusives because they just don’t compete with Sony and Nintendo’s IPs like that anymore.

Why you still playing it? Gears 3 is where it has been at for years. Idiots still walk around with the sawned off and retro but it beats 4 or 5 any day.