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It honestly breaks my heart to see gears go down the path it has. Not to as someone would call it (crap on the game) I love it I grew up playing it. It feels as if they could of stuck with the same feel as gears 3 or at most gears 4 going to the most of what I feel it should be. Am I the only one that feels Gears is slowly turning into a micro transaction game and also something they’ve made more into a we want your money not your rating kind of game. As I enjoy gears 5 online it feels they could have at most brought back some of the gears 3 feel to the creation of it.

Money is a major factor…the store/mtx show that…they created a lot of changes to horde n verses…and both sides have suffered for it…ie the changes for both were not for the playerbase they had…it was aimed at the players/casuals they didn’t have…ie greed!! backfired as the game is poor and the casuals have moved…i personally didn’t mind some changes/tweaks ect…i get that…but to sell the soul of the game and its fans…just for money…shallow to say the least…but the shop is open and working just fine :rofl:

I honestly have to stay with gears it’s where I grew up but sometimes it disappoints me

I feel the same way in a way with Gears 5 and it felt like a step backwards from Gears 4 in a way.

I agree the online play can be a downgrade sometimes too it feels as if they messed with the hit boxes more than they should of from gears 4 it definitely hurts to see it

Its a shame…as a decent franchise…these last 2 releases are a shadow of what a gears of war game should be like…but when your trying to grab players from cod/fortnite ect…they had to sell out the game and its fans…it really hasn’t worked though.

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The thing that hits me is why ruin the gnasher and make the lancer probably the main thing for people that like to camp too it ruins the concept

I’m in the minority, but I love to camp.

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Dont play much verses, some on here would be more incitful i think…but i beleive they have nerfed the lancer…some say its playing better…i hope they balance the faults in verses …as the casuals are pretty much gone now.

Don’t get me wrong everyone camps a little but I can’t stand someone that doesn’t move the whole game and continues to only use a lancer

Every game is a microtransaction game these days.

I only do it on gridlock w/ Boltok and hammerburst. (sometimes) blood drive.

Never in KOTH…

I was just kidding though, I don’t like camping… Sometimes it’s just a necessary or efficient (boring) evil though.

I miss the dark and gritty style of gears of war 1 and 2. Gears of war 3 was more colourful and a bit more Arcady but it was a great game. 4 and 5 although enjoyable feel like a different franchise. I still like 4 and 5 but I think especially with 5 that the franchise is moving so far away from its roots that it’s a bit saddening

They have been very in-your-face about being greedy since the beginning of Gears 4. I couldn’t believe it at the time and I still can’t.

I was hopeful they wouldn’t do that again considering the backlash they and other companies received over the years but I digress. When the game pass offer came up, i was skeptical naturally but there’s no way such an obvious tell could ever be true, right? Maybe g5 was going to be the game pass flagship and represent the pillar of quality for the service going forward. No way the game quality actually be worth about 2 dollars, I thought.


They’re just so adamant about following whatever trendy thing makes them the most money over delivering a good game. I don’t know if I can fault the devs for this, I’m sure they want to make a great gears game. I can see that with all the concepts present in g5. Campaign is great

Do better, please.

Time goed on, diehard fans get older. Usually meaning they alter priorities in their lives. So a new audience is being approached.a lot of games do so… and they all fail at doing so really…

The fans who have shifted priorities and barely play are still there , even when less active. New players don’t often jump on board of an existing franchise because of having missed lore. They rather go to a loreless simple point and clicker like cod.

Their intent to get here players ends up in alienating fans. Sadly has happened in numerous well succeeding franchises. :frowning:

Yeh. Personally i dont se me an issue with it. They give cosmetics for free(by playing) too.

And the extras are just additional cosmetics. Nothing game breaking at all.

There are cosmetics obtainable in game. Some behind doing task X or Y
There are cosmetics obtainable in store.

Both are optional without influence in the game besides the personal feeling of looking gorgeous.


Exactly! Why are people so bothered by micro transactions?
They are OPTIONAL and only cosmetic!

Bc every other gears game we got tons of cosemetics for free, now it looks like they are strictly trying to monapalize everything., Including executions to Marks . It’s pretty crappy. I would agree with you on its just cosmetics but this game has always had them and they were mostly free and easy to unlock . Also people care about what their person or whatever looks like !

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It really is saddening gears 3 was still extremely fun I just wish they could of stuck with the look of the game or at most the feeling online.

Depends on their implementation.

  • Gears 3’s was shady with on-disc dlc but the content was actually well received, so that’s a very mixed bag.

  • Gears 4 was eggregious with a nigh useless season pass and gambling for nearly every bit of content while tying Horde to said gambling.

Gears 5 is in this weird limbo where…

  • It’s much more affordable for a new AAA title thanks to Gamepass, ye still sells itself by traditional means for $60-$100 depending on the “edition”.
  • On top of the premium sales, it still uses the Free-to-Play Live Service business model that Fortnite, Apex, etc., use.
  • All the while it has unlockable content alongside drip fed store dlc.

Do you see how confusing this is?

Because of different revenue streams, the levels of outrage vary:

  • Those who paid full price are stuck with a $60 game released unpolished and bug-riddled and still have to pay top dollar on a timed, rotating storefront. Essentially they have paid to wait at the well.
  • Those who own the game through gamepass may not be as frustrated, but they already pay 2 subscription services now tobplay online in a game that has a messy online experience from launch and nearly two months after.

For how much people are paying already, the storefront is just insult to injury for an unpolished product. It’s not so much the fact that there ARE mtx, it’s that THEY were the focus more so than making a consistent, and functional game to even warrant it.

Microsoft banked on getting the olayers with gamepass, but they continue to fail to understand that you need a solid, ready product that can stand on it’s own to keep them before even considering getting deeper into their wallets.