Gears Through the Years: A Gears of War Campaign Retrospective

I quite enjoyed listening to this video, so I wanted to share it :kissing_cat:

What are your thoughts about this video?

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Stopped listening once I heard his thoughts about Dom.

Probably the worst take on him I’ve ever heard in my entire life.

Plus it was painful to watch him play. But… he did give me a better appreciation for gears 3.

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Yeah, some takes like about Dom’s character and Maria’s death I did not agree with. It was still nice to listen to the way he talks about the rest of the stuff. GIves a fresh perspective on the franchise I can appreciate.

Thats true. Cant argue with that.

Didnt listen past gears 4, also didnt agree with his Judgement take.

Aftermath was cool but Judgement campaign was the real deal.