Gears terrain feels limited

I’m mainly speaking about versus and horde here. Notice how Gears has ladders, buttons and destructible environment but its very limited in PvP and Horde? Feels like for the amount of space Gears 5 maps take you should be able to interact with them more.

Before someone brings it up I’m aware that 5 was rushed and there probably wasn’t a lot of time/effort put into ideas like these but will we be saying the same thing when 6 drops? I don’t know, It’s just a thought. Gears 6 will probably consist of 20% GoW4 maps, 30% G5 maps anyways so it’ll be the same ■■■■ lol.

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Map interactivity is severely lacking, yes, but then you have to remember that when J tried something in that direction with the PvP maps, people roasted it. Whether for reason or not.

I definitely want more environmental destruction in the PvE side of things. Even Escape feels somewhat lacking in that direction in that the ladders mostly just exist as a different way to get from point A to point B and you can’t use anything present in old abandoned mining complexes to kill Swarm with. Ofc the mode itself isn’t bad but the idea that you’re still only using your weapons while infiltrating a Swarm hive seems a little stupid.

But then when TC launched the game they had this whole “skillful approach” idea* that went too far, to a point where it just wasn’t very fun, and severely hampered the game until they got around to fixing the issues the game had(still has), at least on the PvE side of things(Horde especially), so I doubt they would’ve bothered putting in the work for more extensive stuff to work in 5s MP after the launch.

So yes, Gears 6 should have other ways to use the maps than run around or wait for enemies to show up in a certain spot and shoot them to death. Especially in PvE modes, I see nothing against it, because the primary point of the game is to be fun,
not just be a test of “skill” which nobody can enjoy in any sort of way.

*Oversimplification since I’m not bothered to go into the nuances of what did and didn’t fall into that idea, considering some of the PvP design choices that were almost certainly not particularly skill based.


Need to take a leaf out of battlefields book with the destructible environment stuff.

I’d love to fire the boomshot or throw a grenade and it blows the cover to bits, part of the wall etc


Well as long as they are good maps from those games I don’t see a problem. They should try to pick maps that didnt get a chance to be in gears 5 though, like fallout and diner.

I’d welcome more maps like this, if it works for versus it works for versus.

I do not comprehend the origin of this statement.

I’m confused on how you’re confused?

But but Arcade? Thats my favorite spot to setup!

Now I hope this doesn’t strain our relationship but I always set up in Arcade :flushed:

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“If it works for Versus it works for Versus” sounds like you meant to write something else in place of the first ‘versus’ while the current statement says something that doesn’t require stating. I mean, it seems obvious to me that if it works for Versus it’s gonna work for that mode…

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Well I hear people say “if it works, it works” so I used it for versus.

It wasnt meant to be deep mang lol.

We need to play more often then Mineman so I can show real setups lol

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Fair enough, I am actually kinda missing gears sadly. I said I would never come back until 6. I didn’t even last a week :sweat_smile:

I’d be down to try more setups.

They always do lol

At least I didnt make a post about it :smirk:

I love fallout and all but NOTHING beats a friday night with the boys playing ranked for 8 hours straight.

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Pretty sad the can’t try anything without the core fanbase going “Mmmmm NOPE too difficult, go back to Gears 1 alpha addition 0.1”

That vastly limits the abilities of features. I really didn’t play enough Judgement to make a fair judgement on it but I doubt all of it was a bombshell and that some of the changes were interesting/welcome. Other studios in the future will not wanna pick Gears up imo.

This really clouds the heads of a lot players and it shouldn’t be like that…

Arcade was always treated as an Easter Egg in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong I welcome stuff like that and think its cool (even though it might not be the most ideal building section) but Distract is like the only map I can think of that has something like this.

Perhaps there are some others I’m not thinking about or don’t know but its still all in limitations of Gears of War and not anything too crazy. An example of something I’d like to see would be on Reclaimed how you have to go up the stairs to enter bowl, why not just make it so you can climb up through fruit area or use the bars to get up.

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… the very next day…
Why I play this game, again!?


I’ll actually contribute to the post this time lol

How about a map in the Hollow. Theres the smaller Riftworms. You can shoot the fruit hanging to make them move and you can use them as cover.

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Or the pods!? Maybe some pods will be opened by a juvie inside it!?

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Lmao a juvie spawning in a versus match would be hilarious but I dont think that would ever happen.

Pods being able to be shot down and used as cover would be cool. The pod should be able to kill someone if they’re underneath it when it drops.

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