Gears Tactics - Xbox Series X launch title?

Has MS mentioned that this game will be a launch title. If they can shift this to launch next to the system they will be able to say that a 1st party exclusive has launched with the system. Your thought?


Halo was postponed…

yes, until 2021. Right now, the Series X has no launch title. That is why I think it may be smart of them to shift this to launch on Series X with all the bells and wistles. Maybe 120 FPS 4K etc.


Is that what happened to your cards??


Have you beaten horde frenzy on master without cards?

Ok then :wink:

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No but my back hurts from carrying you

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I appreciated it though, lol.


I have been guessing this will be a thing for the past year or so. Time for MS to step up and prove me right! :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s not classified as an exclusive because it’s on the PC.

It’s also not seen as an AAA game. Like Halo is.

The articles I’ve seen, state it will be a launch game.

Well, the PS2 launched with no major first party exclusive, and look how that turned out :joy:

Same here Ghost. I’ve noticed the “coming to consoles later this year” ever since Rod said it. Technically it has not been confirmed for XB One. But that Tactics pre-installer the other week seems to suggest it is coming to XB One. I still think Tactics is going to be a Series X launch title, just maybe playable on XB One… or maybe not. Won’t know until we it actually launches.

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All first party titles are said to be on the xbone, so I imagine tactics would count even though it could be technically argued it isnt a new release.

Looks like achievements will be on a single list too, sad for you but good for me

I recall a vague statement from Dana around Tactics on console which was an answer to a similar question to this, on a dev stream who knows how many months ago. He said “Later this year” and that people could probably figure out when that would be so I’ve held it in my mind it would probably be a Series X launch title. I don’t see what else that sort of hint could be.


Lol at this point it should be…there’s hardly a game or any reason for a series x at this point.

It’ll be the first time I won’t be purchasing a console at launch since I don’t even know when. I have the Xbox one x. Sorry but they’ll have to do better than what they’ve shown me.

I’ll buy it after the holidays once the console bombs on sales and they start bundling it or selling it slightly cheaper…or when they release a game worthy enough to own the console for.

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At this point, I’m in the same boat. Grinding to re-up 40 and 50, getting 100,000 kills in VS, and 50,000 assists in VS has all of my “free time” booked for a while. Unless the Series X will get through that darn Snatcher cutscene faster, I see no need to buy a Series X at launch.

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LOL I was thinking about that with load times…on that particular loading screen. That’s funny. Although in multiplayer and escape with other players it will literally have no effect unless they also have the new console cuz people still have to load in anyway lol. More of a reason NOT to pick up the series X yet…especially not for backwards compatible multiplayer titles.

I was reading today how some are even saying the new consoles should wait another year until more launch games could be ready.

It was a first day buy for me till Halo backed out.

Might as well wait for the $100 off sale at this point.

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