Gears tactics with new ways to play the game tactical experience

hello everyone here
talking about new ideas for this new game of gears tactics. I do not know if they know that the coalition, with the E3 presentation that really was great, and they noticed that they can only move the squad but not like the other strategy games that send soldiers to the battle, well if they do it but different, it’s very cool , also know if you can place character customization that can appear in multiplayer or other common games.
and know if it will be free or for sale, why do I ask ?:

  1. to know when the new game comes to Latin America?
  2. Will it be like another strategy game? because it would be great and I hope that very different than the other games that I played.
  3. Can it be used on different sides? as: the COG, URI, LOCUST and LAMBENT.
    to know what the battles were like. of the coalition community.
    and that would be all respond and have a good day and nights (for the countries that are sleeping and that are in the day) and goodbye change and out.

Way too early to know any of these things.

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