Gears Tactics unplayable! FIX THIS SH..!

First, you released a ■■■■■■■ bug-fest with Gears 5, now the same with Gears Tactics! What are you doing?! My Fan-Heart is very broken!

I buy and play since the XBOX-Release but its a shame!
Every Time if i am in my Headquater to edit my Recruits, the ■■■■■■■ Game crashes.
First, it was every Second Mission. Now i am in Act 3 Chapter i dont know, and i cant do anything more. Every Time if i want to change my Recruits, or delete it to recruit new ones, the Game crashes.

When i can have a Fix for this ■■■■?
I want to play the damn final Missions!
Coalition, please stop your Bug-Releases! Give us final unbroken Games!

Edit: Uninstall and new Install works for the Moment

Never encountered this issue, I’ve been playing on a launch xbox and I’m pretty far into the campaign already too :man_shrugging:

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Hi there, for technical support please file a ticket at the link below.

Thank you