Gears Tactics - Title Update 4


Gears Tactics squad members Gabe Diaz, Sid Redburn and Mikayla Dorn stand together holding weapons looking ready to engage in a fight.

Attention Gears fans!

Here are the patch notes for the latest update for Gears Tactics!

This Title Update will be out at November 30, 2020 at 7:00 pm PT. The full patch notes can be found below:


  • Improved narration in the equipment screens.
  • Improved narration of the hit chance UI element.
  • Fixed white flash that could occur for one frame in the loading screen.
  • Fixed the character animation snapping when backing out of name customization in the Barracks.
  • Fixed goggles not disappearing from the Deviant Sniper when it is killed by a headshot.
  • Fixed flickering between the occlusion shader and some buildings in Act 2 and Act 3.
  • Optimized content in Act 2 to improve performance.


  • Controller Only: Fixed a timing issue where sticky cursor abilities (e.g. execute) could be confirmed before the preview was shown.
  • Controller Only: Added camera limit to Jacks free aim abilities so the camera won’t push past the limit of the ability.
  • Improved targeting of free aim abilities, like Overwatch or Jacks capsules.
    The ability can now be confirmed while hovering over another unit instead of that unit being selected.
  • Fixed the turn getting stuck when a player unit attempts to chainsaw an enemy unit that has an opportunity attack
    and the opportunity attack is triggered while the player unit is mantling over cover.
  • Fixed enemies spawning in the ground if player units are too close in some missions.
  • Fixed a case where a unit revived in a corner could get stuck.
  • Fixed elite enemy reveals being in the wrong location when loading a save game.
  • Fixed hit chance UI element background sometimes not appearing.
  • Fixed sounds cutting out during later stages of the Brumak fight.
  • Fixed Tickers appearing on the ground for one frame while dropping from the Reaver.
  • Fixed Jack facing in the wrong direction after opening doors.


  • Improved boot times.
  • Added a new advanced video setting “Fast Pipeline State Cache”. This setting decreases boot times but increases system memory usage by up to 600MB.
  • Optimized planar reflections, the GPU cost of the feature has been greatly reduced.
  • Added a user facing message when file read errors happen so the user can be alerted to potential file corruption errors.
  • Fixed misaligned text on buttons in some resolutions.


  • All: Fixed lighting being too dark in night environments.
  • All: Fixed Gabe missing his undershirt during the intro cinematic if the game is still installing Act 2 content when the cinematic loads.
  • Xbox One X|S: Fixed a visible hitch when units drop from a Reaver for the first time.
  • Xbox Series X: Enabled enhanced reflections. See below for comparison images

Image of a battlefield with a glowing neon sign and enemies in a destroyed road. The image was captured on the Xbox Series X showing enhanced reflections OFF

Xbox Series X: Enhanced Reflections – OFF

Image of a battlefield with a glowing neon sign and enemies in a destroyed road. The image was captured on the Xbox Series X showing enhanced reflections ON

Xbox Series X: Enhanced Reflections – ON


  • Fixed a crash on Xbox One X when browsing characters in the convoy later in the campaign.
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when using bayonet charge.
  • Fixed a rare crash while using the torque bow.
  • Fixed a rare crash in gameplay while planning the enemy turn.
  • Fixed a rare rendering crash.
  • Fixed a few rare crashes in loading screens.
  • Fixed a rare crash during streaming install when the game is suspended.
  • Fixed a rare crash that could happen after the game is saved.
  • Fixed a rare crash on boot while registering users and controllers.
  • Fixed a crash when a mine explodes on an e-hole and the unit that placed the mine is dead.

Oh nice, have Tactics T.U.'s always been posted up here as well? I feel like this is my first time seeing something like this besides the conformation date

They usually are.

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Ah okay I guess I just haven’t seen them.

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There hasnt been many, and at least one was a very minor update.

I appreciate the crash fix on Xbox One X


Same here. And it seemed like it crashed way more often as I neared the end of the campaign. Glad it’s finally fixed


Gears Tactics is the ■■■■ so far. I hope Part 2 brings some base management with it ala Xcom. Xcom 2 is one of my all time favorite games, and Gears is my favorite shooter franchise, so this = :heart:


Anyone having an issue when Locust reinforcements drop in outside the fog of war they don’t move and basically locks the game forcing either a restart or checkpoint reload? I didn’t see this listed in the notes

I appreciate the fixes, but I still experience FREQUENT crashes while in the Barracks changing gear on my Gears. It crashed four times before I could finally start a mission. I reported this as a bug already.

It’s not fixed for me. I’m deep into Act 3 and still experience lots of crashing in the Barracks. Already reported post Dec-1 update.

Looks like the crashing in the Barricks has been fixed on the Dec 17 update. HOWEVER, I still experience the bug where you FAIL your Secondary Objective every single time during your Main Veteran missions. You succeed on Side Missions, but never on the Main. Even being meticulous about making sure you get it. I see the green check on the upper left. Sometimes it is as simple as “don’t have a sniper” which is a no-brainer. But after the mission, when you see your characters line up, it will say “Secondary Objective: FAILED” - I have put down the game until they fix this.

Love this game but it still needs a lot of work. I hope we get a sequel soon.

nah id like a halo wars type game more…

We had 2 already and they were ok. Gears universe for me is far more interesting than Halo I’m a bit sick of Master Chief. Gears Tactics was actually a better fit for the franchise than the newer games which have been very disappointing .


yeah but it’s different like tactics :wink: also no master chief… is a good thing… but everyone has different opinions on the main games