Gears tactics softlock help!

act 2 chapter 1 (taking stock) requires you to have 4 troops. however only diaz is available from your hero pool.

me however, i only really use hero’s. so i only have two normal troops. a scout, and a heavy.

that being said, i can only have those two troops and diaz on my team.

and i cant get a fourth cause i already used and dismissed all the recruitment pool.

that being said, i cant progress because i dont have enough troops.

anyone know how to fix this? i havent seen anything online that helps fix the issue. any help would be greatly appreciated!


Have the same issue, no word from Devs


there is no fix - tickets arent being looked at - basically we are being told to suck it up and start over


I have seen other threads with the same issue, ALL CLOSED. I guess it’s only a matter of time with this one. This is their tactic, FYI:

  1. You raise a legitimate concern.
  2. Paid troll comes in, and does all of the following:
  • Blames YOU for the bad game design.
  • Says there’s nothing wrong with the game and nothing needs to be changed.
  • Questions your intelligence, because HOW DARE YOU USE A FEATURE THE DEVS PUT IN THERE FOR YOU TO USE. This is very important because it causes you to…
  1. Stop focusing on the bad game design, the devs ignoring your tickets, and engage the paid troll.
  2. Thread gets closed by a tro… I mean a very impartial and responsible admin because evil you came here to insult the paid trolls.
    So, sadly, I have nothing to offer but what little wee warning I just gave. I can’t say much about the devs because hey, they might fix the MANY game-breaking glitches this game has someday. As everything stands now, I’ll make sure I avoid buying any of their products ever again.

Hi there,

These issues should be reported to support as that is the correct place to report issues (

Despite your assertion, there are no “paid trolls or users” on this forum. I am also not paid either.

Lastly, fair enough, if your experience with a game is that you can’t get past a certain point because of (partially or fully) a design flaw, fair enough that you wouldn’t want to support the developers further.