Gears tactics should've been Gears 4

Gears tactics should’ve been gears of war 4. A game set during the locust war following a new squad and their adventures. And it could’ve lead into the swarm story with Kait(tho I think the sequels ruin the entirety of gears 3 and everything we went through in the original trilogy)


O don’t worry, after everyone on this forum plays it, everyone will say how “trash” it is. Nobody here is happy with anything lol

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I know you aren’t literally meaning everyone but I am so keen for Tactics. I have seen enough of it to know it will be a game I adore.


I’ll love it too. And I know I’ll probably get flack for this but I hope if all goes well tactics 2 should take place in the current war with the swarm.

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Gears Tactics 2: The Swarm strikes back

Gears Tactics 2: More tactical.

Gears Tactics 2: Retacted.

Gears Tactics 2: Return of the Grid.

Gears Tactics 2: Calculated cunning

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Gears Tactics 3: Tactical Tactics with Tactical Tactician Gabe Tactics.

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It looks like it’s gonna be as good as halo wars. And TC isn’t making it so my expectations are higher than usual