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Gears Tactics should have Crossplay PVP

Do games like XCOM, which might be similar to Tactics, have PVP-modes? If yes it might be likely that Tactics will get one too. Obviously Gears 4’s crossplay is highly controverial in our community and i think that Gears Tactics should release on XBOX. You can then make its PVP crossplay, because its roundbased. Any input type can compete evenly there, making it the getgo gears crossplay experience.

It’s safe to say that Microsoft is keen to have crossplay when possible so if it did eventually come out on Xbox then there’s a strong chance this would be included but the point is fairly mute at the moment due to it being PC only for now.

This would be a perfect fit for the play anywhere program. what bothers me most is that its a pc-tailored game, especially for k/mb controls. i really respect that, and want gears to have its time to shine in the pc community… but dang i want that game on my xbox. also we have to speak about steam when we speak pc. without steam it might have a hard time to exist on that platform, just like gears 4.

Perhaps it’s just a timed pc exclusive, if the game is well worth supporting in terms of updates etc then they might also push it out on xbox too.

I looked up pvp in the xcom series and it seems to have one… the potencial is more then there, that Tactics will have one too. If yes, this release could be bigger than we expect. Looking at the popularity of XCOM, the genre has many many fans…