Gears tactics purchase/pre-order question

Does anyone know if pre-ordering/buying the Windows 10 version of Gears Tactics will be “play anywhere” like gears 4/5? Meaning that if I get the Win10 version that I’ll be able to play it on Xbox One once the game is released for Xbox?

I would imagine so, rather than having them separately listed games as Gears 4, 5 and POP all do this…

But we haven’t had any official confirmation.

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I agree that would make the most sense. I wasn’t sure if I had missed some info to confirm that, but of those things are good to know. (Edited for grammar)

Thanks for the reply!

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It doesn’t say in the Windows Store? I know it does on Xbox, or at least it did before.

It should say in the description (This is Gears 5)

This is Tactics so I’m not sure if it’s Play-Anywhere, but maybe it will be when it gets launched to Console?

And @Losersfriend if you have Gamepass or Gamepass Ultimate you can get it anyways without Pre-Ordering. Just an fyi.

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Its hard to know without official confirmation, but is is something heavily pushed by Microsoft in the past 5 years.

Being an official MS title I’d assume yes. But that’s the great thing about Gamepass Ultimate, it works for both so at the same time it doesn’t matter.

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