Gears Tactics ! O_O ;_;

I’m so hyped for this, OMG A Gears of Final Fantasy Tactics Xcom,
Please hurry gais. PLs.


This would be a decent mobile game but they are advertising it as a PC game. I think if they want to succeed as a true PC strategy game then they need to make an RTS like a StarCraft or Warcraft of even the old Command & Conquer games. It would work amazing with the gears characters. Just imagine playing as the swarm and building your army with Brumacks and corpsers and massive amounts of drones and theron.


Its baby steps but they finally took a real chance and made a different type of game with the gears brand, maybe through tactics we will get a dlc involving draper or rossi… god knows they are never going to make it into the main games.


I’m wondering if there’ll be exclusive transferrable content from reach goals or achievements in Gears Tactics, for use in Gears 5.
I know a MMORPG game which is PC but also has an App Game on Android, Apple, iOS and such.
When completing goals or something in the App Game (iPhone or iPad), it’s possible to transferrable exclusive content to PC version of the MMORPG.
Wonder if TC would do that for Gears 5 and Tactics.

For example, reach Level 100 in Dofus Tactics to unlock Character or Weapon Skin in Gears 5.
Get 10,000 Coins to purchase something, that could transfer to Gears 5. (Must link Xbox account).

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I am really hype for Gears 5, but I am losing my mind about this announcement! I need to know more details about this game, especially a Collector’s Edition.

Implementing some kind of mobile connectivity or mouse control (for Xbox) to be able to move units quickly and easily seems like a necessity though.

I think special editions of the game would be announced next year, when near to release date.

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I am also hyped. Love tactics based games, will be great to have a Gears variation.

Two online turn based strategy games I’ve played are Krosmaster Arena and Dofus.
If Gears Tactics was to be similar, I have the feeling I’d get hooked up very easily. :slightly_smiling_face:
It’s also like playing Chess, I would think.

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Thanks for the recommendations :slight_smile:

I love the concept of taking Gears into more categories. The tactical turn based startegy should work for this brand. I just wonder if this game will have co-op or multiplayer. I am a little hype for it :slight_smile:

Agree with Duckling here. Gears has the potential of being a great franchise of many different games. Just like Halo did with Halo Wars, now Gears will begin to do. And I am definitely excited to see Gears branch out beyond the 3rd person shooter.

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I hope this makes it’s way to xbox. I don’t have a PC or laptop and wasn’t planning to buy one either. It looks great though. I’ve been a fan of turn based strategy games since Laser Squad in the 80’s


Hopefully this isn’t only limited to Window 10, because I haven’t mine upgraded to that yet…

but it willbe very good

what is good for gow is the competitive

I am dying to hear more information about Gears Tactics. It sounds like it could have elements of the recent comics in it. The monster maker that it referred to at E3 could very well be Ukkon from Rise of RAAM. This means that could be other stuff from the books/comics. With its story potential and gameplay that is fresh for the franchise, it is definitely a game I want more from.

Cant wait to have more infos about the game and more gameplay! Cog vs Locust how I liked it! Not like today locust/rock people…