Gears Tactics now has a preload option on Xbox

It is a placeholder and is only the 100MB preinstall, but this is a promising sign for those who were worried it wouldn’t come this year (or at all).

I would recommend downloading the placeholder so the game will update when the full install is available


Took like 9 seconds because I don’t have random disconnects from a third world ISP.

Thanks Ghost!


I feel personally attacked.


Awe hell yeah

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Good info though! :+1:


That’s longer than the full game would take me on Steam…

Right @GhostofDelta2

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Here you are spreading lies again.

Go back into your corner and don’t come out until I say so.

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Awh thanks for the info man✌️

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Many,many thanks my friend, just downloaded the base game.cannot wait😎

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Awesome! Thanks Ghost!

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Wondering if that achievement you are going after will be easier on Xbox, maybe an updated one to where it’s easier to get?

Not sure what you are talking about Tones,

I got all the achievements a while back. A patch came out afterwards that made the grindy ones a lot easier.

Or is that Pop?

Definitely Pop.

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Have they said an estimated release date?

“Later this year” is as specific as we have been given.

So far I’ve only seen references saying that Tactics is “coming to consoles later this year”. I assumed the lack of specifying XB One meant it would possibly be a Series X launch/not on the One. But if we can install the pre-installer on Our XB Ones now, then I guess I was wrong.

Bring it on, with a separate list, I’m game for completing it again. Sorry @GhostofDelta2, I gotta hope for a separate list to help my Gears Series completions until I can grind enough to complete Pop in 2-3 years from now.

Edit/addition: I’m confused. Tactics is listed as a Play Anywhere title. I thought those were single/shared achievement list games for Xbox and PC like G4 & G5. But it says “you can play Gears Tactics - Base Game with your Xbox Game Pass for PC, or buy Gears Tactics - Xbox.” If it is Play Anywhere and is the same game as PC, why would it be listed as Gears Tactics - Xbox? And why would I have to buy it since I have Game Pass Ultimate and already have access to Gears Tactics - Base Game?

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That’s an interesting point.

I had thought that the game would be series x only, but Xbox seems committed to backwards compatibility. Though how the game actually looks and plays will obviously vary.