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Gears Tactics news

Gears 5 has been out for a month and a half, nearly two months now. I am curious if there has been any news on Gears Tactics? My gut says that it has been pushed back to 2020 but from what I last heard it still had a 2019 release date.

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They never gave it a release date, all we’d heard was that we might’ve heard something about it from Gamescom back in August but that didn’t happen.

Given the poor results of Pop & 5 and the lack of a release date not to mention any kind of news, it doesn’t seem far fetched to say Tactics will never be released.

A full Gears mod of Xcom 2 is more likely,

When was a release date ever announced?

I would LOVE that.

I am guessing it will be a launch title (or targeting to be) for the new Xbox, as well as another game to market Gamepass ultimate.

I recall the Coalition saying at Gamescom that the game was still in development and more manpower would be thrown at it after Gears 5 is released. I recall that they also said that they were still aiming for a 2019 release date. I am sorry for not being able to find the quotes.

Not a problem, I just didn’t recall a specific year being said.

Splash Damage (as well as TC) is working on it (They filled in Gears 5 maps) and so likely would have moved onto Tactics after Gears 5 release. Though they are also working on MCC for PC too.