Gears Tactics...More Achievements

Here you go @GhostofDelta2 @MCSS_Aerocoupe


my friend @T0NY_HAYABUSA lookin’ forward to play that game as well man … most people say its fun.

Me too man, me too.


I want to pre order the disk, but is says Xbox series X. can this be playe on xbox one and xbox one X?

It’s an Xbox One game that is playable on the Series X.

Man they really hate us, huh?

Grind guys. Grind.

Looking forward to the game though.

I’m a little scared I won’t like this type of game.


I loved it. Looking forward to new content


I know Ghost is happy for not having a stackable list on Tactics, but I was really hoping for it. Since TC keeps adding stupid amounts of mindless grinding to Gears 5, I was looking forward to having an enjoyable fresh Gears game on consoles… It would have been enough for me to convince myself to get a Series X.

But now, I’ll pass. I’ve completed Tactics on PC, so knocking out these couple of new achievements on PC should be no sweat. And Gears 5 has been running on my XB-1 for over a year now. No point buying a Series X just for Gears 5.

Thanks TC, you just saved me $500, and cost MicroSoft a day one Series X purchase.