Gears Tactics is coming to Gears 5

Gabe diaz (and possibly anyone else from the story in later operations) will be coming to gears 5 come Operation 5. You can unlock him but I don’t remember the means to. Something about playing Tactics I think or something

EDIT: Just a heads up, FINISHING THE TUTORIAL on any platform for Gears Tactics WILL UNLOCK Gabe Diaz for you in Gears 5 automatically


Sweet I love Gabe diaz! I cannot wait til op5 now

Is gears tactics actually that good?

Well if you’re not a fan of turn based strategy games and just wanna know the story and lore I’d look up a lore video or something. Only if the gameplay bores you.

If not though I highly suggest giving it a whirl, the dialogue is a little predictable most of the time but it’s still a fun experience and fits (sort of) nicely into the lore. But the only thing I’m worried about is some voice acting things

I gueas ill try it then it sounds good to me.

Happy hunting!

Where are you getting your information from?

1.Razer-Con Gears of war promo

2.Gears Twitter just announced it

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Ah Barricade just released the video with all info. Thanks for the heads up.

No problem friendo

Yo this is some hype news indeed.

Gears Tactics Characters better not take over Operation 5 :roll_eyes:


Doubt it since Gabe is the only one from Tactics coming next OP. Even so I’d rather have a tactics themed operation anyway since gears tactics actually feels like a gears of war game compared to 5.

And that’s saying a lot since they’re two totally different genres of game

Aw, man that means I have to download tactics just to get this skin? I’ve only got my phone’s 4G connection right now, which is slooow. There will be no other way to get this? I suppose I better get used to days-long download times seeing as the big title update is coming soon as well. Quick question: if I do it now while I still have Gamepass, will it register for Op 5 assuming I will stop subscribing to gamepass and uninstall before then (dollar deal runs out)?

I don’t think so I figure when Operation 5 does launch you’ll be able to unlock Gabe through regular means or have to wait a a bit.

But just playing the tutorial on any platform(mobile or P.C.) should give you the unlock (assuming T.C. doesn’t ■■■■ something up) so as long as you do that or have done it already you should be able to just cancel the Subscription.

If doing it now doesn’t register the unlock for later just use a free subscription and play Tactics til up to the tutorial when it releases and you’ll just get it anyway.

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Seen some people on Twitter/Facebook saying it’s gonna be a Tactics themed Operation, in my opinion I actually hope it isn’t,

Gears Veterans such as Anya, Hoffman, Tai, Dizzy, Prescott, Skorge etc should come well before anyone else.

Yeah they are launching Gabe when Op 5 releases & that’s cool to acknowledge the release, however I believe there’s many more important characters that deserve to be in Op 5 rather than it being wasted on a Tactics theme. Especially when it’s own game is launching to Xbox that same month.

I can agree to an extent.
Yes the original cast should’ve been here at launch in fact we should’ve been past Tactics being a thing in this game already.

But saying it would be wasted on a Tactics theme is just not right. Gears Tactics is a gears of war game first before it’s a Tactics game. The look and feeling is the closest we’ve gotten to the original in a while especially compared to gears of war 5.

I wouldn’t want the Tactics cast to come back to gears before someone like Tai and Anya do hell no. But a theme and characters are two different things and a theme around Tactics would be way better than the crap we’ve recieved over the past year. Though most of Tactics levels aren’t really map worthy there are a few in mind that could be amazing map editions if done correctly.

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any word on if this is retroactive ?

I just went through the tutorial on PC and Game Pass lapses tomorrow for me. I hope it counts

I hope it is.
I’d take the OG/Locust setting any day over what 4 and 5 have been.

for everybody too lazy to look it up themselves

I hope now that TC is done working on Tactics that they start allocating more resources in the studio to improving Gears 5 faster. Also, I can’t wait to see Gears Tactics story unfold because I love the locust lore. I have the RAAM’s shadow comic books and it would be really cool if they added a dlc to the Gears 5 campaign in the future where you play as RAAM and you do the events of RAAM’s Shadow. Ukon is in Tactics though so that is cool.