Gears Tactics - Immortal Legion question

Hoping to get some help with a specific question here. A unit died on a rescue mission and when I thought I hit restart checkpoint it instead ended the mission and returned me to the barracks with 1 less unit and a failed side quest (and failed achievement). I know you can abort or restart the mission, which maybe I should have done instead of trying to reload the checkpoint. Since this was no longer an option I hit ‘reset progress’ and reset the chapter and now I have the option of replaying the side quest.

My question is does this invalidate the Immortal Legion achievement? I know you can abort a mission, restart it, or reload a checkpoint. But I can’t find anything about resetting progress on a chapter after a character death. I did find this Reddit thread with the same question, but no answer.

I’m still early in Act 1, so I can restart the Insane campaign. And I’d rather do that than play through Insane twice because I invalidated the achievement this early in the game. Appreciate any help here.

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Hi, I haven’t played Tactics yet (only to unlock Gabe on Gears 5), but I recommend that you post this question on Trueachievements.

This is the topic for the achievement. At first, I didn’t find an answer for your question, but because I didn’t play the game, maybe the answer is here.

Good luck with the achievement :+1:t2:

I’d already checked there first as well as did a Google search. That’s how I found the Reddit thread with no response. That’s why I came here, hoping someone here had encountered this already and might know the answer.

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check this out


Shoutout to @CommanderCH2863 for that solution :slight_smile:


I recommend looking at the comments of my guide, there’s a lot of good hints in there.

I merely created that guide when I just finished the campaign. Viable builds weren’t really known that much and especially my sniper build is awful. You can have a sniper build where there’s only one bullet in the mag and since it’s one bullet, you can equip the perks where the first and last bullet (which in this case it’s both) will do additional damage. Resulting in a devastating sniper shot every time. Top that off with crit chance etc, and your Sniper is really getting rid of the big units.


@CommanderCH2863 Oh it’s an excellent guide and I’ve been using it for some time already as I did my Ironman run.

I’ve already looked through the comments, as I’ve mentioned before, and none of them address this question. I fully understand the ability to restart and abort a mission, to reload a checkpoint or save.

That is NOT what I am asking.

I failed a rescue side quest (a rescued soldier died) and when I clicked on reload checkpoint it sent me back to the barracks with the mission failed and the achievement invalidated. My question is if I reset my progress on the chapter I get to redo the mission again. Does resetting progress on the chapter invalidate the achievement. That is the question. As I said in my original post I’ve already searched for the answer and am well aware the the guide. But the guide does not answer this question since resetting progress after a mission fail may be treated differently from reloading a checkpoint when still within a mission. Does that clear up my question?

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Hmm, I would honestly have to touch the game again, it’s been a while I played it (haven’t even completed the Jacked achievements yet).

I can unfortunately not answer your question since I do not remember the mechanics of the Rescue missions but I’m fairly certain that many many of my units died when I attempted this run and kept reloading checkpoints over and over again without any issues.

What is weird to me is that you apparently got sent back to the barracks. How did you track that your achievement invalidated? I do not recall that there’s something that tells you it invalidated? Is the mission marked off or can you redo it? I believe you probably miss-clicked to return to the barracks? Because if there were no checkpoint reached yet, it shouldn’t give you the option to reload checkpoint but instead restart the mission if I’m not mistaken?

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Sorry, I should say that I believe that I invalidated the achievement since a unit died. The mission became marked off and the Missions showed the next campaign mission. That is where I saw the option to reset progress. It gives the option to reset the chapter or the act. Resetting the Chapter allows me to replay the side mission.

I do think I accidentally misclicked since the button to reload checkpoint was probably a different button in this case to end the mission. I probably should have just dashboarded since i had a decent save point (this was the second solider I had just rescued that died).

I’m just trying to see if this ‘Reset Progress’ would affect the achievement or not. I can clearly see from the comments that I can reload a checkpoint as many times as I want and still get the achievement, but can’t find anything about Resetting Progress. Just don’t want to have to suffer through Insane twice if this does invalidate the achievement.

Also wanna say sorry, after re-reading my previous comment it had a bit more attitude that I’d intended. I understand you guys are all trying to help me and I appreciate it. Thanks!

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You have to basically complete every main and side mission with the same number of units you started the mission with.

If a hero unit dies, you automatically fail the mission anyways so you can reload the checkpoint. If its a recruit unit, the mission doesn’t end but you can reload the checkpoint again and retry. Never ever attempt to complete a mission with dead units.

I also personally recommend using Jacked mode for insane difficulty as he can prove quite handy for paralyzing enemies with his debuff bombs as well as picking up the equipment cases that are way off the main path.

In terms of builds, I used this video which helped me massively. Your sniper and scout are going to be your heavy hitters for the most part. They can wipe out enemies with the right gear and skills.

Also another piece of advice I would give… unless required, avoid control missions as much as possible. Stick to incursion, sabotage, rescue and scavenger run side missions. You will avoid boomer encounters for the most part to make things easier.

Good luck with your insane run.


Yeah, none of these responses answer the question. I also would like to know the answer to this. There seems to be a bug on certain missions where you get the mission failed screen and clicking the restart checkpoint will give you the prompt “are you sure you want to return to convoy and have the mission as a failure”. The only way to avoid this is to click restart mission and beat the mission in one go. Very frustrating.

Personally, I am on Act 3 chapter 4 side missions and have had this happen. I’ve restarted the chapter and will try to beat the campaign in the next couple of days to see if it pops.

Considering the game has been out for a year you’d think they would have fixed something so run-ending… Hopefully the achievement still pops


To answer your question, yes restarting chapter will still allow you to unlock immortal legion. I’m assuming restart act would also work if you really messed up. I unlocked the achievement today after restarting chapter due to a bugged rescue mission that send me back to convoy when I clicked restart checkpoint in the failure screen. I also suicided lots of hijacked units so don’t worry about those either.


Excellent! Finally someone who understood the question! Thank you so much!

I’d decided to roll the dice and restarted the chapter about a week ago, still making slow progress. Save scumming is, well save scumming, but it works. I’ve had to do it because of all the bugs so I might as well keep doing it. I’ve had several instances of the game freezing during the enemy turn, the enemy units don’t all move and the game never progresses.

@GSR_CAOR Thanks again!


np! Glad I could answer your question. gl with your run

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Congrats to @AlphaKnight04 on unlocking Immortal Legion tonight!


Thanks @MCSS_Aerocoupe!

So just to make this clear for anyone in the future who might end up googling this question:

In addition to the Abort Mission, Restart Checkpoint, and Restart Mission, if you encounter a problem like I did where a unit died and the game didn’t allow me to restart the mission but instead returned me to the barracks with a dead soldier then you can still earn Immortal Legion by using the ‘Reset Chapter’ or ‘Reset Act’. You’ll have to replay whatever missions it resets, but you can still progress without having to start all over again. Just wanted this saved somewhere so if anyone searches for an answer in the future then this will be here.

Thanks again to @GSR_CAOR for confirming it works and @CommanderCH2863 for the awesome guide! The respec’d Sniper build allowed me to just cut through the final boss.


Weird, I had the same bug during Act 3 Chapter 4 Rescue Mission. Thanks for the answer. Also shoutouts to @AlphaKnight04 and @MCSS_Aerocoupe. Miss you boys and playing with the USA_GearsPOP crew!! <3

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