Gears Tactics gore better than the current main-line game?(Gears 5)

is it just me or does this look better than Gears 5? animation, particle effects like blood, chunks.

from the new Tactics video


There’s a Separate Gears Tactics section on the forums, but to answer your question yes a little bit

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is this being developed in-house at TC or is another developer making it?

I love gears 5 but or course i wish it would be darker and even more violent but hey its still better then 4 imo


Looks like SplashDamage is developing :+1:


So that’s why we have 7 maps. (If you don’t know, Splash damage are actually the ones who help make the maps. MS really, 100%, needs to buy them asap. They did work on post launch maps for 4 as well, I believe.


ya but they’re only helping with the texturing of the maps not conception or design.

plenty of studios out there to help texture maps. SplashDamage isn’t the bottleneck here.


That is correct.

The game has the customization options fans have been asking for for more than 10 years and which should’ve been in the main-line games for a looong time. But we get this microtransactions and ‘premium’ skins BS with Gears 5 :joy:


Gears tactics looks amazing!!!
It looks actually way more like a Gears game than Gears 5 o.O.
The dark and gritty look, the gore, epic war and Locust invasions. I just find Ukkon very cheesy tbh. I hoped he’d have a higher voice. Sounds too human imo. (it’s still weird that the Locust are hybrids and not an ancient race, when you look at how much destruction they were able to cause and how many there are of them.)
The customization options of the weapons and armor! That’s something I hoped gears 5 would have. Imagine putting a bigger magazine on your Lancer! I’d be ok if it’s campaign and Horde only, but it’s epic!

Well, these turn based games are not my genre, but this is Gears. I will play it! It also looks very lore heavy, so I will 100% like it just because of the atmosphere and lore alone. Can’t wait for April :slight_smile:


This only makes me sad. Everything that people wanted for Gears are in this crappy as s tactics game. Fuu


The graphics and atmosphere look a lot more in line with the original trilogy. The color in this game is what gears 5 should’ve looked like. Lol


Its not Tactics’s fault.
They just tried a new approach with Gears 5.


I’m excited, should be some fun to play. Included with game pass aswell is an added bonus.

looks better than Gears 5


Artistically this looks more like Gears than Gears 4 or 5.


Wholeheartedly agree with the Ukkon bit lol. He sounds like WFC Starscream. Or a guy trying to do a Mark Hamill impression or something.
I hope they put some effect on his voice. Or get Robin Atkin Downes to come in and redo the voice to make it sound more Kantus-y.
He also looks a lot more human than the other Kantuses. He’s a bit lacking in the razor sharp teeth department lol.

I wonder if it’s explained in the game why he can speak perfect English, sounds like a stereotypical evil scientist & looks the way he does lmao.
Or do the comics already explain this? I don’t know a whole other than the characters.

Other than that lol? Game looks pretty great.

So um…this looks like gears 5…the locust drones look exactly like their g5 versions.

So…I’m having a disconnect here why it needs to take 6 plus months to bring locust to g5?

I’m feeling like there was some lying going on.

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Man I grew up on gears of war, it was the first game I ever played on xbox 360 and it’s just not the same, I honestly feel bad for all the new gears players because they will never have nightmares at 7yo from a berserker, the closest thing gears 5 had was the matriarch and it was not even a very hard fight on hardcore. Please TC give us more gore and let us hear more cursing, the only thing that reminded me of any of the first 3 gears games was the fact that locust drones would pop out of cryo stasis, and Niles Samson. Please don’t F up gears 6 and make us play as Kait again. At least one mission as my main MF Marcus

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I kno i started playing gears in 2006 aswell i like all gears accept judgement hated it i give it a 1 of 10