Gears Tactics / Gears 5 Collaboration

I just was curious how everyone would like to see this collaboration happen. I think that it’s a given that the Gears Tactics characters will almost certainly make an appearance in Gears 5 as playable heroes. Honestly, I would be a little surprised if these characters haven’t already been in development to be implemented into Gears 5 simply because it’s effective marketing.

Personally, I would like to see the characters or at least skins relating to the character unlocked via campaign completion or achievements obtained in Gears Tactics. I believe that this would be a solid marketing tactic to get players to pick up Tactics and add a little more value to the characters or skins obtained. I’ve always enjoyed the rewards for completion in other Gears games and I think the timing would be right in this scenario.

What does everyone else prefer?


I’d like to at least see them in as a skin, like Bautista, honestly it’d make sense to either give a Gabriel skin to Oscar whenever he comes out, or even give him to JD since I think the leader/artillery ability would translate well.

I can’t imagine they won’t make it in as a promotional character. It would be a huge marketing mistake on their part if they didn’t include them. I think the real question is what method they use to for the players to earn them. Honestly Tactics looks like a huge return to form in a lot of ways. I just hope they don’t throw them on an Operation, but rather drop a challenge when Tactics releases to earn them. I think that would be an excellent way to promote Tactics.

After Terminator it can’t get much worse.

I see either a “Buy Tactics and earn them in 5”…making them a whole $5 character or an unlockable Skin for a Horde challenge.


In look yeah–but storywise and gameplay wise, not really.

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I hope TC will make full-fledged characters our of any Tactics characters. A skin just feels a bit of a wasted opportunity. Making Gabriel or Sid or whoever a full-fledged Hero would help contribute to developing their character (if it was done in a faithful way to the Tactics campaign of course).

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Yes, but also I wouldn’t want to take away from TC’s precious Dev time to make a guest character since the characters we want take three months to develop—somehow.

If TC do this, I suspect it would be something they’ve already started - perhaps to coincide with the release of Tactics. I might be overthinking, but with Operation 2 we had an early heads up in the Op 2 trailer that the Kantus will appear later; but with Op 3 there’s been no mention of any mid-operation characters. I wonder if it’s because it’s a Tactics character and that’s why TC want to keep it on the lowdown for now?

Also I wouldn’t say that characters from Tactics are guest characters. They’re from the GOW universe so that’s good enough for me. To me Gabriel wouldn’t be anymore of a guest than say, Tai, Dizzy or Alex Brand.


Fair point. Don’t know why they’d keep it a secret though. Also fair about the in-universe thing, I just see it as a guest as they’re from another game, like Sub Zero in Injustice, it’s like this weird Guest but not a Guest limbo.

Terminator was a terrible decision that promoted material that had nothing to do with Gears. I could definitely see them dropping the ball on this and just making them purchasable. Obviously gameplay is not a return to form, but in terms of art-style and I don’t think the story will be too bad (aside form Ukkon).

They’ll take the time to make them heroes , but they probably have already been in development. If I’m being entirely honest I think most the of talent at TC has been working on Tactics hence why everything is slow-going on Gears 5.

I could definitely see them releases at least Gabe Diaz as the mid-operation character. I know TC doesn’t always make the best decisions, but this one seems pretty obvious to me. Then again…

Who knows? It crossed my mind that mentioning Gabriel or Sid as a future character at this stage wouldn’t generate an awful lot of hype purely because they’re brand new characters and fans don’t really know much about them. It could be that TC want to want until Tactics is released and give fans a chance to play it and meet the new characters before they make any reveals for GOW5?

Either way, I like the idea of having a Tactics character appear in GOW5, even at the expense of an older legacy character. Controversial I know! As much as some of my favourite characters are older legacy characters, I’d prefer someone new and for the game to be balance being nostalgic and being forward-looking.

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Apparently the work is split with another studio very much like Gears POP. I would say no…hoping that TC thinks Gears 5 is more important than Tactics.

This is true, I wouldn’t mind much either, since I know it’ll be months before we get a sizable roster even close to Gears 4’s.

Man they don’t tell us anything normally until the week before. Look at Operation 3 that we should have had at the beginning of March and they couldn’t even give us a teaser until like 4 days ago. lol

You would think, but considering how slow everything is coming down the pipe I feel like Tactics was being prioritized. Once it drops I imagine Gears 5 will regain some of that manpower. Especially since Tactics is a singleplayer game that should only require occasional patches rather than a live service.

No doubt. Hell, I did the math and for every COG character that has previously existed to be added to the game at the rate they are currently going it would take right around I believe three years. Essentially the amount of time it would take them to drop the next Gears. Mind you they stopped supporting Gears of War 4 about a year prior to Gears 5.