Gears Tactics: Game crashed at the end of a mission (loading screen) and my save is one mission before. It is common?

I was playing Act 2 Chapter 7 (Baiting the hook) Jacked mode (PC). On my last turn the only enemy alive was a Hijacked Deviant Kantus, and the game just finished.

I got the cinema for every mission completed (your team leaving), and the game just keep loading forever on the loading screen.

I just close the game and open it again, and now my save is 1 mission earlier (Act 2 Chapter 6 Panacea) at the start of that mission.

Was the problem leaving 1 Hijacked enemy? Is this problem “common”?

You’re the first one to report this as an issue, so on the basis of that alone, I’d say it’s not common.

I would assume that this is the cause. The game probably didn’t register it as an enemy being alive but just under your control, ended the mission on the screen, only for something in the background to go “Hang on, there was something still alive and not an ally there”, thus creating an infinite conflict in the code, which resolved itself by reverting the save to something prior when you force closed the game.

That would be my guess as a, when it comes to code, mostly uninitiated person.

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If getting a Hijacked enemy could trigger this problem, I’m thinking of unlock the achievement for Hijack every enemy and then just reset the skill tree for Jack and spend the points on another skill.

I found the ability very useful, but I prefer not to use it after this “glitch”.

You could just end the hijack before killing the last non-controlled enemy(or the boss), if that’s an option(or let it get killed). I don’t fully remember it but I believe Tactics ends the mission when the boss is dead regardless of if there’s other enemies still on the map(not that I’ve personally been in a scenario where I could test this). Resulting in a bug where an enemy was considered an ally due to being under hijack, but the aforementioned thing happened when another part of the game realized it was an enemy and didn’t properly load out of the mission.

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Just for a FYI, I left the last enemy as hijacked on a couple of missions, which ends the mission but I didn’t encounter this problem.

Perhaps get used to saving halfway through a mission with ‘Save and Exit to Menu’.

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So my Glitch was really just bad luck :neutral_face:

I’ll not change Jack’s skill tree, but I’ll not use Hijack near the end of a mission.

Thank you both for your answers :+1:

@GhostofDelta2 I got my answer, so can you please close this topic? Thanks

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Closing as per user request :slight_smile:

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