Gears tactics enemy turn bug

anybody else having a bug on the final boss on gears tactics where it just says enemy turn and won’t progress? I have this issue on the xbox series x, tried restarting the mission and reinstalling the game, haven’t been able to complete the game because of this issue, think the game needs a patch.

I’m having a bug issue on the enemies turn but I’m on act2 chapter 8 fighting the corpser and I’m really fking mad too I was enjoying the game for the most part

It is November 2021 and this issue still exists. I am on the final boss and have tried reloading checkpoints and even restarting the mission and it always gets stuck at “Enemy Turn” about halfway or 2/3rds of the way through. This is a game-breaking bug. Please give this some attention.

I have also tried to finish it on the PC too and the same issue occurs.

Sorry to hear, I had a bug where I simply can’t defeat the final Boss, too convoluted to get into, but it is a known issue for a handful of unlucky players…
Due to the stupid lack of save files, I can only go back as far as the previous checkpoint in the battle…and the same things happens again and again.
In the end I watched the final fmv on YT. Still bloody frustrating though.

I’ve heard the achievements aren’t tracking right now, so I haven’t bothered to go back and finish off the game.

I ran into that bug on my first playthrough, had to restart the mission. It worked after that. I’ve encountered other bugs as well, such as a Scavenger Run mission where there was no end mission circle to get to, so the nemecysts kept dropping until all my characters were dead. Had to restart that mission as well to advance.

April 25, 2022!!!
Stuck on Enemy turn after dropship drops enemys off on Act 2 Chapter 1!!! Please fix this!!! restarted 4 times and all 4 times at the same place!

encountered the bug twice in the missions (including once in corpser mission), abort+retry mission only worked, restart of checkpoint did not work.

Same here. Impossible to complete Iron Man Mode…