Gears Tactics crashes on Xbox One S

I’m having a issue where I’m at act 2 chapter 6 insane and I’m doing a control side mission and every time I try to restart the mission or abort the mission the game starts loading then crashes every time. I can’t do anything aboot it and I don’t want to continue as its a losing battle and I would like to either restart knowing where enemies will generally be or abort and redeploy with different characters and since gabe is my only hero character on this mission he’ll be ■■■■■■ and while I can restart checkpoint its a very ■■■■■■ checkpoint that I would rather just restart the whole mission since the reward is legendary. I’m on an xbox one s and I’ve searched though the forums for advice but every thing I have found is PC specific so useless to me on xbox. If there is a workaround I would love to know or if there has been any talk of any upcoming updates that would fix this, I’ve only started aboot a week ago so haven’t kept up with any news regarding upcoming patches.

Good luck. I was psyched for Tactics…got to Chapter 3 and no matter what I do or how long I play, everytime I go back to the game, it resets my progress to the beginning of chapter 2. I gave up and haven’t touched it again. Big disappoint.

I was at a side mission with the Theron guards introduced… now, the mission is halfway gone and I’m at a new story mission with the Disciples introduced? So, it skipped a side mission in-progress. Stil enjoying it, but yeah, weird :man_shrugging:t3: